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Album Cover for A Time of Innocence 0

Soothing Acoustic Guitar Music: A Time of Innocence CD

A Time of Innocence (CD BABY.COM/INDYS) is the latest new age acoustic guitar album by Keith Driskill. With a touch of folk, the songs on this beautifully performed and arranged album leave listeners feeling uplifted and...

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One Day In a Life CD by Bill Wren

New age music at its best is reflected in One Day In a Life, with all songs written by Bill Wren representing his newest release. Each melody brings you to a place to pause...


Peruvian Guitarist Ciro Hurtado CD Guitarrista

What a delight to listen to the Latin American music of Peruvian Guitarist, Ciro Hurtado. His previous releases and performances express a wide range of artistry from Folk, Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, Blues, Pop, and...