Secrets of the Soul: An All-Encompassing Look At The Search For The Soul

Secrets of the Soul, a Hidden Treasures Production distributed by Alive Mind Media, is an absolutely enthralling and amazing look at the search for the human soul.

This educational and enlightening DVD, contains 96 minutes plus 25 minutes of bonus material.

The topics in the film do not focus on a single religion, but takes a non-biased look at all world religions.

Secrets of the Soul documentary exams their beliefs about the soul, their search for the soul, and what each believes happens to the soul after the body dies.

Picture of Soul Leaving the BodyThis insightful soul seeking film is divided into two segments, each of which are equally fascinating and enlightening.

Segment One: The Searchers Examine The Vision Quest

The first segment, The Searchers, focuses on ways in which individuals of various religions — or no religion at all — seek to reach and learn about their soul.

The idea of the Vision Quest, often thought of as a Native American ritual, but actually represented in some way in almost every religion of the world, is explored.

In in Secrets of the Soul: The Searchers, we join a group of Americans who have gathered in Arizona to prepare for and experience a Vision Quest just as those which were performed in the past and are still performed today by the Native American.

Native American Vision QuestThe concept focuses on the process of preparation to connect with the soul. Such as cleansing the body, fasting, praying, using music and other means of focusing the mind, and then entering a special solitary location where one can be completely alone. This creates a state to seek their inner self and shares how these people venturing into the Vision Quest experience feel before, during and after the experience.

Other types of soul seeking such as Near Death Experiences, beliefs about persistence of the soul, the topic of life after death, and reincarnation are explained very clearly. The film soon reveals that every world religion in some way or another wishes to prove the existence of the soul, and become in close contact with their unique, individual soul.

It is also becomes clear in the documentary that world religions do not agree on what the soul is or what happens to the soul after the body dies.

Segment Two: Investigators Research to Prove or Disprove Existence of the Soul

The second segment, The Investigators, takes a thorough look into the researchers and research methods being utilized to study the secrets of the soul.

Secrets of the Soul Documentary CoverThey attempt to prove or disprove the existence of the soul and its continuance after death.

Various research projects ranging from attempts to ‘weigh’ the soul, medium communication, children speaking of former lives, and personal accounts of near death experiences look at the possibilities and what research has done to attempt to seek answers.

Secrets of the Soul is a very important documentary yet extremely entertaining. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone with any interest in the human soul, world religions, or simply wishing to learn about culture around the globe.

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Click to learn more > Secrets of the Soul Documentary at Alive Mind Media

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