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Rhiannon Waits is a syndicated columnist with her column published in 14 different countries and translated into 4 different languages. She is also a Published author with her latest Book being released January 21,2006.

Rhiannon Waits travels the world as a motivational and spiritual speaker. She is know as an ancient Oracle or a psychic medium in many arenas. Her column, “Rhia’s Corner”, has been published and translated in numerous magazines through different countries.

Read an indepth book review of Rhia’s new book, “Little Lessons on Love and Life”: Timeless Messages with a Modern Voice.

  1. Hurricane Preparedness: More than Water and a Candle
  2. The Holy Grail of Parking Spots
  3. It is Not our Job to Give out Wings and Halos
  4. John of God in America – Part One
  5. Reflections on Unfaithful Partners and Infidelity
  6. Just Because I Can – How a Random Act of Kindness Ripples to Touch Many Lives
  7. The New Year’s Mirror – Is it different from the one in your bathroom?
  8. Christmas Cards – 44 Cents a Smile
  9. Maria a True Inspiration of the Power of Love
  10. Writing From the Heart: “Listening to what is said instead of how it is said”
  11. The Parent Who Keeps on Giving: Coping with Your Eighteen Year Old Teenager: Part 1 of 2
  12. The Parent Who Keeps on Giving: Coping with Your Eighteen Year Old Teenager: Part 2 of 2
  13. In an Age of Beautiful People are We Forgetting the Spirit?
  14. Loving Ourself, Loving Others: Imagine what it would be like to have other people caring for others.
  15. Honoring the Mother: “My Mother – Myself”
  16. The Relationship Between Step Mom’s, Dads, and Step Children: “They really are a part of me”
  17. Nature Teaches Lessons on Life: “The Fainting Tree”

You can purchase her new book the book “Little Lessons on Love and Life.” or book private sessions, schedule speaking engagements or attend book signings by calling 850-941-4190. You can also visit her website: She lives in Pensacola Florida with her life Partner, Steve and her children. Rhiannon Waits is a renowned Psychic/Medium.

Inspirational Thought: Contemplations by Peter and Helen Evans

  1. Virtual Realities in Everyday Life: The Reality of the Situation
  2. Problem Solving: Solution vs. Insight/Realization
  3. Personal Identity: The “I Am” Factor
  4. In This World But Not of It: Finding Inner Peace
  5. Buddha Meditation: What if Today Was Your Last?
  6. Finding the Voice of Intuition: Is it Intuition or just my Imagination?
  7. It’s an Old, Old Story
  8. Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving: The Nature of Problems
  9. The World is Full of Wonderful Things
  10. Mean People: Distressing Disguises
  11. The Purgatory of Our Own Making

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