Science of Metaphysics: What is Reality? – Part 2 of 4

Since the early nuclear physics research in the 1940s, scientists have understood that our physical world consists entirely of energy. This means that each atom of our world is composed only of energy waves or particles. Of course, mystics and saints have been aware of this basic principle for centuries, but it’s always nice to get scientific confirmation of these things.

Another interesting tidbit to come from this research is the discovery that our thoughts are also a form of energy, which can influence the behavior of other forms of energy. No really, the scientists themselves figured this one out. I don’t think they liked it much, but here we are. Thus, the science of Metaphysics gained legitimacy.

Ever so conveniently, there was already a body of information available on the use of metaphysics, established at the turn of the last century. These early philosophers included such greats as William James and Ralph Waldo Emerson. They had already begun to work out how to use these metaphysical principles in such a way that we could alter life conditions through their use. There have been some refinements to the techniques and there are quite a few spin-offs from the original material, but a working system does exist.

Keep this in mind: It is a working system. This is important in the actual practice of the techniques involved. The importance of remembering this is to avoid being intimidated by the new power available to you. A century ago, an indigenous tribesman would have been very much in awe of the practice of electricity. This could have caused him to be startled, fumble, and pray to his gods for protection. We don’t need to be in that position in our practice of metaphysical reality creation, though yes, this is quite a marvel. It isn’t something to tremble over or to wonder if this great “magic” will somehow be taken from us. Nope. If you can use it, it’s yours.

Here’s the big secret, you’re already using it! As a matter of fact, you’ve been using it all of your life and so has everyone else. That’s because in the science of metaphysics this is one of the basic principless:

The Universe around us conforms to the tendency of our thoughts.

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