Natural Spirituality

Great changes are underway for humanity and the entire planet. They are disconcerting because of the massive environmental, economic, political, and personal imbalances. Simultaneously they are also exciting as they carry tremendous potential for growth. During these changing times it becomes important to focus on behavioral patterns that limit our receptivity to love and harmony with all people and the natural environment. Thus, healthy responses begin to emerge from within, and our consciousness expands in the realm of natural truths that respect all life.

Human beings are equipped with the potential to overcome the cycles of life and death, growth and decay. Since the manifested creation is an invention of the Source, it is only fair that we, who are made in the image of the Great Spirit, should have a way to merge with that which created us. The soul is the infinite image of the Source within each human being. When we learn to identify with the soul rather than with the ego and the senses, we are on our way to enlightenment. Gradually, and with much perseverance we can advance on this path. Devotion is the vehicle that accomplishes the merging, provided that this is the most prevalent desire. Yet, the love for things, other people, and oneself as a finite entity is often stronger. This is because we are all so attached to what we perceive through our senses, that we take it as the only reality.

On the leading edge of soul growth cultural and religious condition needs closer examination. Let’s say we have already dodged much superficial desires; our spiritual interest is strong, and our practice important. Still, we are not able to advance smoothly on this path as long as we conceal or suppress parts of ourselves. How come many of us are in the habit of considering emotions less important than thoughts?

The religious idea that humanity is separate from their Creator pervades modern religions. People have given away their personal power to outside sources. They learned that they were not good enough, that something was wrong with them to begin with. As a result people developed one of two subconsciously induced behaviors. Either they denied within their own psyche those feelings that were suppressed, while demonizing them in others, or they desperately tried to atone for what they sensed was unacceptable.

Once these patterns are conscious, and we make a decision to change them within ourselves, the healing can begin. Over time our innate sense will develop in the direction it is intended and most beneficial for us. It takes us out of redundant beliefs reflected in emotional distortions. Then we see that there is nothing to feel guilty or worthless for, and that we have no right to judge or exploit others or the environment. In essence this is a vast, culturally complex, deeply psychological, and highly spiritual issue. It will take time for these concepts to become graspable. Ultimately, we are all in this together. When we behave accordingly, we help each other to evolve to the realization that we are already perfect. This is the merging the Source intends us to accomplish.

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