Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator by Joan Ranquet

Joan Ranque’s book, Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator (HayHouse, Inc.), takes a look at animal communication.

The book is complete with real life stories and techniques for better communication with your animals.

Read on to discover Nora Caterino’s experience with this book.

Psychic Contact and Communication With All Life

Psychic contact is the subject of Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal Communicator by Joan Ranque. I found many of the 245 pages of this paperback quite interesting, entertaining, and enlightening in many ways.

Calm CatI must admit, I personally do not believe that animals communicate psychic thoughts to humans in our human languages. The book also introduces the concept that a photograph of an animal can contain the energy of that animal, allowing someone to connect with the mind of a creature located many miles away by looking at their picture. The animal communicator professes they can talk to the owner of the pet over the telephone and share insights.

As a parrot enthusiast who understands parrot body language quite well, I believe animals do communicate with us, but not exactly the way that Ranquet apparently talks with them. However, I do try to keep an open mind, and although I was convinced I wouldn’t really enjoy this book, I found that Ranquet’s engaging personality keep me turning page after page. As I realized how much of her work addressed spirituality in various aspects, I found I did find portions of the text helpful and thought provoking.

Promoting Spiritual Connection

The further I read into Communication With All Life, the more I realized that Ranquet clearly connects with animals on some level which I clearly do not experience personally. I felt her spirituality and unconditional love for animals clearly in the text. Her concern for respect and dignity for our companion animals is clearly expressed, and concepts such as allowing a pet to pass on to the next realm with dignity instead of euthanasia I can thoroughly relate to.

Ranque’s advocacy of massage therapy, flower essence remedies, healing touch, and other natural healing modalities as complimentary to traditional veterinary medicine when dealing with our pets’ health was another area where I can recommend this book to those who share their lives with animals.

In fact, I realized that Ranque’s Communication With All Life actually expresses her ability to identify closely with the specific animal species and apply techniques she acquired that permitted her to understand the behavior of that creature. In essence, I sense the similarity to my ability to understand what my parrot wants or needs based on its body language.

Understanding & Living in Harmony

Communication With All Life: Revelations of an Animal CommunicatorI could also relate to Ranque’s goals of helping pets live in harmony with humans, thinking and visualizing the positive instead of the negative, and believing in power of spirituality, prayer, and meditation.

I found a small section on how to meditate and how to pray which can be extremely useful for anyone seeking greater spirituality. I cannot say that I related well with all the case studies or stories about clients Ranque has worked with in the past.  However, you may well find the case studies the most enjoyable part of the text.

This book could be very insightful for any animal lover. It focuses on cats, dogs, and horses, so those who live with these animals as companions can  especially benefit. Also, the concepts will apply to any pet.

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