Massage Business Coach: When is it Time to Increase Your Fees?

At some stage in your massage career, you will undoubtedly ask yourself: When is the right time to increase my fees?

This is a very good question.

You should ask this question periodically because you cannot keep your fees at the same rate for your entire massage career as the cost of living increases along with the expenses for maintaining your practice.

Increasing your prices occasionally is a normal function of running your massage business successfully.

Examine Your Self Worth

You see, increasing your fees is not just about pushing up the price of your service for the sake of making more money. All therapists need to evaluate the current industry rates and charge what you are worth; never undercut your rates unless you want others to devalue your service.

Smiling Massage TherapistWhen the time comes to increase fees, many times a massage therapist will fear that their clients will disappear. However, raising your client fees is actually a very important step that supports you in moving forward in your massage career as you pace with inflation and the cost of living increases. Every business on the Earth raises prices to keep up with inflation, along with health and wellness professionals.

Will My Clients Disappear?

The fear that clients will disappear can be a very valid one. So how does a massage therapist comfortably, and safely, increase their prices while keeping their clients happy? This is quite a big secret that is often kept under wraps and it is time that you learn what it is. The secret is this: ask!

If you are afraid that raising your fees will scare away your clients then when you book the next session, take some time to ask your clients how they feel about a price increase. The common fear amongst massage therapists is fear of talking about money with clients. The secret to being successful with this strategy is to actually ask your clients directly, in a conversation, before you actually raise your fees.

Therapist to Client Understanding

Foot MassageTell your massage clients that you’re thinking of a price increase to keep up with inflation while sharing how long you have been charging the same rate. When they understand your need to stay current with industry rates or your desire to raise rates so you can provide a higher standard of service you may be surprised by their response.

You may want to offer your clients a little something extra with the massage, such as a foot treatment, or perhaps you have an additional massage technique that could help them specifically with their health problem. You may find by opening the topic for discussion. your clients will be impressed with your service and professionalism.

Listen to Your Client’s Needs

Whatever the reason is, always ask you clients first if they are able to pay an increased rate. Some clients may say,  “No,” as perhaps they are dealing with a hardship or they are unable to stretch their budget any further.

In these cases you will know and this gives you an opportunity to work with the client. This way, you have not risked raising your price, nor have you scared them away, because when people lack funds they often become embarrassed and won’t discuss it without a bit of prompting. In cases such as this, you can work with them to ensure they remain happy clients. Sometimes a sliding scale is necessary in cases like this.

Client Scenarios

What might happen if you raise your rates without discussing this matter with your clients first? Imagine if your rates went up from $60 to $75 and you hadn’t given your clients warning. Your appointment bookings could drop by over half. This could be quite devastating financially!

Now imagine if you shared this need with your clients first and they came back with a positive response. This strategy would have easily and comfortably created a foundation for more income without you losing any clients at all.

Release the Guilt and Worry

Professional HandshakeNow you know you don’t need to worry or feel guilty about raising your prices to meet inflation if you go about it the right way. This business strategy supports you in moving ahead with the times.

Also, remember your clients are people that come to you for help. They are not going to stop coming to you for a massage if you ask a simple question. And they may even respect you for asking them first.

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