Arnica Montana: Nature’s Most Potent Pain Reliever Great for Massage

Pain management can be achieved in a natural way using arnica, a powerful herbal and homeopathic remedy.

Many massage therapists have discovered the benefits of using arnica massage oil on their clients, as it allows for deep tissue massage and faster recovery time.

Dianna Dapkins, creator of Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Massage Oil, also hails the benefits of arnica, and has developed a brand of natural arnica massage oil.

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About Arnica Herb

Herb ArnicaArnica is an herbal plant native to Europe. Also known as Leopard’s Bane, Mountain Tobacco, and Wolf’s Bane, arnica has been used homeopathically for centuries as a first aid treatment and pain reliever.

Applied topically, arnica supports the body’s self-healing processes by increasing circulation and stimulating the white blood cells. As an herbal preparation, there are many functions of arnica, acting as a natural diaphoretic, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, and stimulant.

The Many Benefits and Uses of Arnica

Many people opt for natural remedies for a variety of health issues. Arnica works in conjunction with natural healing processes of the body, and doesn’t suppress symptoms. When used in the correct dosage, arnica is safe for use on people of any age and in any condition.

For centuries, arnica has been used as an effective natural pain reliever, acting also to reduce swelling and relieve sore muscles and tissues. Common applications include:

  • First aid treatment of bruising and soft tissue damage by helping the tissue to heal quickly.
  • Acute conditions or for general purpose use.
  • Treating skin conditions, such as sunburns or acne.
  • Slowing down bleeding.
  • Treating aches and sore muscles, whether from illness or from exercise or sports.
  • Reducing the pain and swelling associated with sprains and strains.
  • As a foot bath designed to help tired feet.
  • Professional Strength Natural Pain Relief.

Arnica Based Massage OilDeep tissue massage therapist Dianna Dapkins is the creator of Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Massage Oil. She touts arnica as the best natural pain reliever. Because it can be worked directly onto the injury site and is non greasy, therapists can easily treat the trigger points.

By working deeper tissue with the Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Massage Oil, therapists can help their clients heal faster and feel better the next day.

Watch Dianna Prepare Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Massage Oil

Dapkins maintains that the Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Massage Oil soothes pain effectively and quickly. The oil is also great for clients to use at home in between therapy sessions. If applied in the evening, the client will feel 75% less sore by the next morning.

There are no freezing or burning sensations caused by Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Massage Oil. Therapists can use the oil for a number of different massage types:

  • for treating injury and chronic pain
  • myofascial
  • trigger point
  • neuromuscular therapy
  • deep tissue
  • sports massage.

For massage therapists looking for en effective and natural preparation to use on clients, whether requiring a deep tissue massage or for treating old injuries, Dapkins recommends her Pure Pro Arnica Therapeutic Massage Oil.

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  1. Adam Benedetto says:

    I have used arnica many times before. It was surprisingly effective. I think it is a great idea to use it in a massage oil. It would also help keep the massage therapist’s hands pain-free.

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