Chuck Duff DVD Teaches Northern Style Thai Massage

The ancient holistic healing art of Thai massage offers great benefits to both the healer and the patient through palming and thumbing along the body’s energy lines.

Therapists find that Thai massage techniques place little or no strain of the often over-worked fingers and hands. Clients enjoy deep tissue penetration and the resulting relaxation of body and mind.

The Northern style is perhaps the most popular form of Thai massage. This technique is demonstrated in Chuck Duff’s Thai Massage: The Northern Style with Chuck Duff, part of his Thai Bodywork DVD Series designed to educate and inspire new or experienced massage therapists.

Traditional Thai Therapy

The ancient natural healing philosophy of Thai massage is also often referred to as Thai Yoga Therapy, Nuat Thai, or Nuad Boran. Thai therapy evolved from Ayurveda, yoga, and Thai Buddhism.

Massage Thai StyleThis holistic approach to health and wellness is a technique using hands, feet, arms, and legs to guide the client through various yoga-influenced positions, and incorporates the therapists applying pressure to energy points and stretching the body along energy lines.

Deep in traditional Thai therapy philosophy is the belief that humans are physical, spiritual, and emotional beings—thus the holistic perspective. Incorporating Thai massage into many conditions requiring therapeutic treatment—such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, backaches, knee aches, and plantar fasciitis—leads to a greater physical awareness and spiritual energy.

Thai Therapy Practitioner and Instructor Chuck Duff

Many massage therapists have benefited from the wisdom of Certified Thai Therapist and Certified Thai Instructor Chuck Duff. Aside from establishing the Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, Duff has created a four part educational video series to assist emerging and established holistic therapists expand their knowledge and practice. Duff also serves on the faculty of the The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

Duff has a rich history in martial arts, therapeutic bodywork, and yoga, and emphasizes his own therapy practice on pain management and relief using traditional Thai massage and Western clinical approaches, a style he calls Clinical Thai Bodywork.

Thai Massage for Beginners

Northern Style Thai Massage DVDThai Massage: The Northern Style with Chuck Duff (CustomFlix Studio) is part of Duff’s Thai Bodywork DVD Series. The Northern Style details the Chiang Mai (Northern style) of Thai massage. Duff expertly demonstrates each technique—over two hundred of them—explaining the significance of body position, technique and application.

Duff’s overall emphasis through his personal practice and his teachings is body mechanics and core energy. This is to pursued therapists away from sole reliance on their muscle strength during therapeutic treatments.

The Northern style techniques are the most popular form of Thai massage, with a heavy emphasis on therapeutic and pleasurable moving and stretching. The Northern Style is an excellent learning aid for beginners of Thai massage.

More information, click > Thai Massage: The Northern Style with Chuck Duff

Watch an Intro to Northern Style

More information, click > Thai Massage: The Northern Style with Chuck Duff

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