Stone Therapy Training Meets Massage in Educational DVD Package

Pat Mayrhofer is an internationally acclaimed massage therapist and educator with over four decades of experience.

As founder and president of Nature’s Stone Inc.—a supplier of massage stones and esteemed education facility of massage related topics—Mayrhofer and her team have put together an invaluable educational DVD series.

The four DVDs in the Hot Stone Massage Education package are designed to bring to professionals a greater understanding of hot stone massage techniques and how to incorporate them safely into their practices.

Pat Mayrhofer, Stone Therapy Educator

For the past forty years Pat Mayrhofer has been practicing massage therapy and cosmetology.

In 1998 Mayrhofer incorporated stone therapy into her practice, and shortly after began teaching this technique to other massage therapists. Since then, Mayrhofer has gained a favorable reputation for being one of the world’s most respected and knowledgeable educators of hot stone massage.

Mayrhofer hosts over forty seminars each year around the world. She is also the founder and president of Nature’s Stone, Inc.

Nature’s Stone, Inc.

Nature’s Stone, Inc. is an institution of professionals dedicated to integrating and promoting the use of stone therapy in such practices as massage therapy and in settings like spas.

Stones, Towels, and Spa OilsAs a healing technique, stone therapy is a treatment fusing the relaxation and therapeutic qualities of massage with the thermogenic—or heat stimulating—benefits of hot stones.

Nature’s Stone Inc. is known internationally for delivering high-quality massage education to massage therapists and other spa professionals. With Mayrhofer as writer, director, and producer, Nature’s Stones Inc. has released a continuing education DVD series: Hot Stone Massage Education.

Hot Stone Massage Education Package

The Hot Stone Massage Education package by Nature’s Stone Inc. comes complete with four educational DVDs and four educational user manuals.

The Art of Hot Stone Massage: For therapists, this DVD is produced to promote and teach the thermogenic benefits of incorporating stone therapy into a basic massage treatment. In this video, Mayrhofer demonstrates for you a relaxing and therapeutic full body hot stone massage using essential oils.

The Art of Hot Stone Facials: This DVD is designed for estheticians, cosmetologists, and massage therapists who have a basic understanding of facials. Viewers are taught the therapeutic qualities of a facial with close-up camera shots of both the hands’ positions and the stones’ positions.

The Art of Hot Stone Reflexology: This DVD promotes the stone therapy technique for reflexology professionals wishing to incorporate it into their sessions. Viwers watch a basic reflexology foot treatment complemented with hot stones, and will also learn how the hot stones, when given pressure to the reflexology points, enhance the blood flow through the body, effectively increasing the positive effects gained through the use of reflexology.

DVD Series for Hot Stone Massage EducationThe Art of Hot Stone Foot and Hand Massage: The fourth DVD in the package aims to show viewers how to bring holistic spa treatments, like pedicures and manicures, into a full-body experience using hot stones, NEXAUNA, booties, mitts, and a belly pouch. This lesson is designed for nail technicians wanting to give their clients a spa-like treatment, and for massage therapists wanting to learn the hand and foot massage techniques taught in this video.

The Hot Stone Massage Education package is a complete continuing education bundle for both massage therapists and spa professionals wishing to add the relaxing and healing therapy of hot stone massage into their practices. Written and directed by world renowned massage therapist, Pat Mayrhofer, viewers will benefit from the many years of experience she has is this industry.

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