Ever ask, “Why am I here?” And Just What is “the nature of existence?”

The “nature of existence” by Roger Nygard is a new film that captures both your attention and curiosity.

From what age did you begin to ask the almost unanswerable question, why am I here?

Some of us began pondering this from a very early age, others of us left well enough alone and only as we took philosophy classes in college wondered about the answer.

Either way, if you have a pulse you’ve probably wondered at some point what your life means, why we’re here, and those similar type of hard to answer universal “whys.”

Roger Nygard PictureIn Roger Nygard’s new documentary, the nature of existence, he too ponders this awesome question, “what’s the point?” Join Nygard as he travels the world to unravel the mystery of the ages and finally offer some conclusion to this much asked question. Most of us ask this question only in the privacy of our own minds, maybe with a group of close friends and family, but Nygard decides to put this and a few other tough questions to the world.

Exploring Our Existence with a Smile

Nygard travels from England and China to Texas and New York City (and everywhere in between) asking people of every race, color, age, occupation, and creed the same questions. In fact he begins each interview with the same question, “why do we exist?”

This movie isn’t your run of the mill documentary exploring our existence and the meaning of life. Nygard has a down to earth, friendly style that draws you in with his lightness and humor.

He interviews both men and women from all walks of life as he seeks to answer the age old question of why we are here. Talking to kids, friends, scientists, religious leaders, poets, authors, activists, and more Nygard approaches this question with open enthusiasm and allows the people he interviews to each express their own unique view and opinion on this controversial topic.

To say the views presented in this well done documentary differ would be an understatement. It’s obvious by the interviews in this film that Nygard went out of his way putting in an abundance of time and energy to finding many different people and seeking different views on the same mesmerizing topic; the point of our existence.

Diverse Views Welcome

85 Questions on ExistenceFrom Orthodox Jews and Bible belt religious leaders to priests from The Church of Satan, Taoists, and Islamic extremists Nygard dares to ask each of them the same question and provide an open forum for each of them to openly express their varied opinions on the question.

The answers range from serious to amusing, some are even a bit scary. Some say we exist for love, for sex, to eat chocolate. Still others believe to find a meaningful life of our own, to protect Mother Earth, and others believe our time here is meant to be spent contemplating just that, why we’re here.

No matter what your background in religion or your current beliefs are this film, the nature of existence, offers an eye opening, interesting, and candid view of our existence, the meaning of life, afterlife, prayer, and the universal truths we all search for at some point in life to varying degrees.

Nygard’s Personal Experience with Pondering Existence

What made Nygard create this interesting, thought provoking film?

Nygard explains that as a child he didn’t give these types of things much thought. But when at thirteen he was faced with the untimely death of his father from multiple sclerosis, he wondered about his own mortality and the mortality of those he loved and held dear. As he grew he pushed these questions down deep inside of him as there seemed no clear answers. What brought him back to wondering why he existed, why any of us did?

Nature of Existence Movie PosterThe events that propelled Nygard to create this film occurred on a day that most of us will never forget. The tragic events of September 11 made Nygard once again wonder about God, our existence, and the afterlife.

Whether this film provides you with an answer seems to me to be a very personal conclusion. What this film does regardless of the person viewing it, is to bring to the forefront of our minds and discussions the varying views the world has on death, life, God, and all that goes with these profound questions.

For me, the meaning of life is simply to live it, to love the people I share the world with (which to me is anyone I meet,) and to continue to search for my ever changing, always unexpected path as it turns and weaves through this wondrous world!

Watching this film just may help you find words for the nature of your existence, and what that means to you.

Read more reviews, visit Amazon > the nature of existence

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Read more reviews, visit Amazon > the nature of existence


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4 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    I am going to check this film out! Thanks for sharing, Richard.

  2. Michael says:

    Why do we exist? For what reason? To who’s gain and why?

  3. Deb says:

    I found this to be very interesting because of the wide range of ideas that people have on the subject.

  4. sanbreck says:

    I really enjoyed this consciousness film. It was like taking a road trip to places I have always wanted to go to and hear thought provoking views on a topic that people don’t often discuss.

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