Lessons in Sacred Geometry: What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery

If you’re anything like me then you’ve only heard about crop circles some ten plus years ago.

I also remember the discounting of it all as a hoax by two men and I’d forgotten all about it…until now.

Well, we may have forgotten about the distant crop circle sightings, but many others have continued to keep these ongoing phenomena high on their radar screens.

When I viewed this movie, What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery, I was almost shocked to learn that these crop circles continue to mysteriously appear throughout the world on a regular basis.

Mainstream Media and the Crop Circle Phenomena

crop circlesThe mainstream media has stayed away from these stories for one reason or another.

Is it lack of interest by the public or do they simply not want to bring this unexplainable cycle of events into the public mainstream?

Whatever the answer is, this movie attempts to bring out valuable information, theory, and even facts surrounding these alluring crop circles that have been appearing all over the world (found in forty countries) for thirty years now.

Yes, for that long we’ve seen unexplained crop circles popping up out of nowhere in various random places all around the globe.

Suzanne Taylor Creates an Eye Opening Look at Crop Circles

In 81 minutes this fascinating documentary by Suzanne Taylor, who has followed this crop circle phenomena closely for fifteen years, takes the viewer up close and personal with many of the most renowned experts on crop circle theory.

Traveling to the heart of where it all began in Southern England, specifically Wilshire County, Taylor interviews the experts who have been dedicating their time, energy, and resources in trying to unravel the mystery surrounding crop circles.
crop circles

During this revealing documentary you’ll meet and hear from many of the local farm owners who have experienced these crop circles suddenly appearing on their own properties.

This documentary is an eye opening, fascinating look at this hush-hush phenomena that is occurring almost daily. In fact, it’s estimated there are about three hundred new crop circles appearing every year. That’s a new circle almost everyday.

Man Made or Unknown Crop Circle Creators

Some of these crop circles can and have been explained.

Several groups have adopted creating crop circles randomly in fields and take credit for some circles. However, the difference between manmade circles and mysteriously made circles is evident to even the most novice crop circle viewer. There’s just no comparison.

Many of the farm owners and eyewitnesses report the circles appearing within seconds. Seems impossible…at least for humans.

Bright Balls of Light Foreshadowing Crop Circles

Another odd phenomena that often occurs days, hours, or even minutes before crop circles appear are small, bright, balls of light circling, hovering, and more or less ‘checking out’ the fields where the circles suddenly appear.

What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery delves deep into the crop circle mystery teaching the viewer in the most basic terms the ancient and sacred geometry appearing in these magic crop circles. Many of the crop circles are similar to mandalas that are also based on ancient civilizations geometric principles. In fact as you’ll learn in this breath taking documentary, many of these crop circles look eerily similar to Hopi rock drawings.

What on Earth? DVD CoverThere is really so much information packed into this worthwhile documentary it deserves several viewings to attempt to grasp it all. This is the type of production that can be watched repeatedly and each time the viewer will learn something (or really a few things) new and fascinating.

I enjoyed watching this movie. It’s opened my eyes, my mind, and nurtured my spirit to believe what the soul knows but head doubts. I recommend this movie for all – whether or not you’re interested in learning more about crop circles or not this is truly an amazing occurrence we should all be aware of today.

To learn more visit Suzanne’s website > What on Earth? The Crop Circle Movie

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To learn more visit Suzanne’s website > What on Earth? The Crop Circle Movie

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2 Responses

  1. Your filmmaker is very appreciative of this thoughtful commentary. But in fact those hoaxers have gotten better and better, so it’s not an easy done deal as to which ones are for real. Lab test would tell but they are costly. The up-side is that we have to work to figure out what’s going on, and that creates a situation where when we get answers we really have them and know in our bones that we are not alone.

  2. Sandy says:

    Suzanne, I can’t thank you enough for making this movie! I really loved it. Keep us posted on your new endeavors, too! The butterfly crop circle was amazing. And I really appreciated how you pointed out how intricate the circles are becoming and how impossible those would be to make overnight by humans. I really hope when we are conscious that we are meeting an Alien we have an intelligent and useful exchange!

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