DVD Teaches Techniques & Benefits of Reflexology Hot Stone Treatments

Hot stone massage is an exceptional relaxation therapy, and when used in conjunction with other natural healing practices can bring increased benefits to the client.

Pat Mayrhofer, an expert in both stone therapy and massage therapy, dedicates herself to developing and teaching new techniques of integrating hot stone therapy with other forms of healing.

Combining reflexology with hot stone massage is a therapeutic treatment for both the client and the therapist. Mayrhofer demonstrates this technique in an educational DVD, The Art of Hot Stone Reflexology, and its user’s manual.

Stone Therapist Pat Mayrhofer

Founder and president of Nature’s Stone, Inc., Pat Mayrhofer is an expert in the field of stone therapy. As a massage therapist and cosmetologist with over four decades of experience practicing and teaching, Mayrhofer has dedicated herself to incorporating stone therapy into a variety of holistic healing approaches, such as reflexology and massage therapy.

Mayrhofer presents seminars around the world to bring her knowledge of the industry to other therapists and spa professionals. She is one of the leading experts in stone therapy, and in conjunction with Nature’s Stone, Inc. has developed several educational DVDs on integrating stone therapy into a number of practices: from facials to pedicures and manicures, and from massage sessions to reflexology treatments.

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Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy with Reflexology

Reflexology and Stone MassageHot stone reflexology offers a soothing, relaxing therapy session in conjunction with the positive benefits of reflexology.

The reflexologist uses the hot stones in addition to pressure at the various reflex points, creating a heightened therapy experience. In addition to increasing the body’s energy flow, the added heat of the stones enables the reflexologist a deeper access into the reflex points, thus enhancing the therapy’s positive effects. The thermogenic benefits of the stones improve the blood flow, and results in increased effects from the session.

Using stones during a reflexology treatment also helps the therapist prevent strain and stress on his or her fingers, hands, and wrists. The heat of the stones helps loosen the client’s muscles and allow for deeper penetration without the extra exertion of the therapist. In addition to the client benefiting from the relaxation effects of the stones, the therapist also experiences this soothing benefit.

Because the client experiences such a deep yet comfortable massage, he or she is more likely to return to the therapist for additional sessions. Furthermore, by learning an additional feature to include in therapy sessions, therapists increase their earning potential.

Hot Stone Reflexology Massage Training DVD

The Art of Hot Stone Reflexology and its accompanying user’s manual is an educational tool designed to promote to reflexologists the popular stone therapy technique for use in their practices. Mayrhofer guides viewers through the techniques of performing hot stone massage during a typical reflexology session. She skilfully demonstrates foot reflexology, and teaches viewers the benefits of the thermogenic properties in conjunction with the pressure points, and how this enhances the body’s blood flow.

DVD Cover for Reflexology and Hot Stone MassageViewers are explained and shown how hot stone therapy enhances the reflexology session by increasing the client’s state of relaxation, improves on the client’s flow of energy, and increases the stimulation of the reflexology pathways. Mayrhofer demonstrates specific reflexology techniques based on the reflex zones, and offers advice on which stones work best and how they should be handled. Mayrhofer also incorporates the use of essential oils into this educational session.

This DVD is one of several continuing education videos produced by Mayrhofer and her associates with Nature’s Stone Inc., and is a valuable resource for reflexology professionals looking to enhance their therapy sessions.

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