Listen to the Sounds of Kauai CD, as you Welcome the Aloha Spirit

With their album “Sounds of Kauai,” Arthur Walton and Dan Richmond play classical guitars to the backdrop of an island soundscape.

This beautiful CD was released by Samurai/Rezen Records, and the music relaxes and inspires listeners.

Together, Walton and Richmond wrote and produced the entire album.

Throughout the work, nature sounds recorded by Richmond provide accompaniment to the guitars played by Walton and Richmond.

The music lacks any vocals, spotlighting only the music of the water, and the instruments making it perfect for massage or meditation music. The Hawaiian island of Kauai serves as both the inspiration for the album, as well as the location of writing, production, and more.

Setting the Tone for a Daydream

Richmond and Walton use traditional Hawaiian words for some of the titles, giving the album a sense of timelessness.

Regardless of the title, each song inspires a daydream. Their tropical composition begins with “Pukana la'” and ends with “Alaula,” translated to sunrise and sunset ís glow.

Kauai WaterfallListeners have the pleasure of traveling through a day in the life of the island. Along the way, they encounter the sea, love, friendship, and more.

The Role of Water

Water holds an extremely significant role throughout the entirety of the album.

In a few of the song titles, the songwriters directly reference the water. However, even songs that lack any mention of the ocean surf or flowing streams give the impression that the entire album serves as an expression of a love affair with water.

Additionally, the sounds of water add an element of coolness to the strumming of guitars.

The Island Landscape

Flowers on the Garden IslandThe music succeeds in painting a beautiful picture of the tropical island’s unique environment. Listeners both land-locked and coast-dwelling find themselves transported to a beach where the sun shimmers along the waves.

Next, they travel to the lush Hawaiian rainforest, where the greens of the plants absolutely astound the eyes. Then the rain comes down, marking an intermission in the sun-drenched show.

However, eventually the precipitation clears, and it is back to the beach for sunshine and surf till nightfall.

Relaxation through Guitars and Nature

Richmond and Walton hope to create an atmosphere of relaxation with their musical endeavor, and most listeners would consider them successful.

Whether you listen to feel transported away to an island in the Pacific, or you simply wish to quiet your running mind, surrender yourself to Sounds of Kauai CD.  If you have just enough time to listen to one song, or a little over an hour to let the whole album wash over you, the tunes will leave you feeling at ease.

Sounds of Kauai CD CoverThroughout the album, Richmond and Walton avoid outshining the peaceful whispers of the water. Instead, they surrender to it at times, letting nature run its course.

The gentle strum of the guitar over the sound of flowing water reminds us that humans can co-exist with the natural world. Sounds of Kaua’i proves that when man and nature work together, they produce beautiful results.

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