Health Books for Women: Reflexology for Women’s Health

There is a growing trend of people seeking natural approaches to health for achieving an overall healthy state of being.

Wellness care encompasses a variety of holistic health therapies, including reflexology.

Reflexology is a safe, effective, and popular therapy used to treat a variety of conditions. Although effective for everyone, it is particularly effective for women.

Preventative Health Care

Wellness care is a health perspective that considers body, mind, and soul in the determination of one’s health status. Focusing on overall well-being requires lifestyle commitments that focus on preventing disease and conditions.

Conventional medicine is applied to treat or cure disease and conditions. As a holistic perspective, preventative health care aims to prevent disease and conditions from occurring through a variety of measures, including diet, exercise, and alternative therapies.

Reflexology is one such therapy that considers the overall health and wellness of the body and mind. Seeking reflexology treatments as part of one’s health care, rather than relying on reactive treatments—as with prescription medicine, for example, that consider specific conditions only—is a proactive measure.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology on FootReflexology is a non-invasive therapy of stimulation: reflexologists stimulate pressure points on the feet, hands, and ears that coincide with the body’s various systems, organs, and glands. A reflexology foot chart can act as a guide while learning the various points. This stimulation energizes the nerves, thus energizing the body. When the energy in the body is stimulated, the entire body and mind experience a sense of renewal.

By restoring the body’s natural balance and vitality, reflexology has a number of benefits, including:

  • decreasing and relieving tension and promoting relaxation
  • improving circulation
  • improving the body’s natural functions
  • boosting the immune system
  • assisting with the elimination of toxins within the body

Reflexology is an effective preventative health care practice in that it significantly decreases or eliminates stress within the body and mind. It has become evident that stress is one of the leading causes of both physical and mental discomfort. Stress can also add to existing conditions or diseases.

Because of the great benefits of reflexology and its ability to ease stress, reflexologists are becoming more and more sought after by people wishing to seek alternative health care. Reflexology is a great complement therapy as well: it is safe and effective when used in conjunction with conventional medicine or holistic medical practices.

Reflexology for Women’s Health

Reflexology is a particularly effective therapy for women. Internationally renowned reflexologist Ann Gillanders, wrote a book designed especially with women in mind. In Reflexology for Women’s Health (published by Ulysses Press), Gillanders specifies reflexology as treatment for over one hundred conditions specific to women, both physical and psychological.

Conditions she addresses in the book include:

  • Premenstrual syndrome, including cramps and stress
  • Candida
  • Breast issues and health
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Infertility, conception, and pregnancy health

Health Book on Reflexology for WomenGillanders offers several health tips and advice throughout the book, writing in clear and easy to follow text. There are several color illustrations to demonstrate for readers the techniques she prescribes for the various conditions.

Reflexology is natural approach to health that is suitable for everyone—men and women of any age. It is a reliable form of therapy for women seeking non-medicated approaches to their health, as well as effective when used in conjunction with other forms of medical care.

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Also be sure to read an in-depth review to learn about Gillanders’ exceptional DVD series designed especially for women:

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4 Responses

  1. As a reflexologist I have seen some wonderful results with regular sessions for my clients as well as myself. It’s very comforting just to have someone take your feet into their warm and caring hands. I’ve been sleeping so much better when I receive regular reflexology. I’ve helped several friends through cancer treatments, which seemed to get them through more easily, even if it simply gave them something to look forward to.

  2. Lyndsey says:

    Well I have to say I am in full agreement with the trend of health seekers out there, even following a specific Celiac or vegan diet is a true commitment. However I feel that a homeopathy or health care practitioner are not available as much, so what makes reflexology great is it’s affordable. You enjoy it so you usually like being a consistent patient because you feel benefits right away and it’s available more then naturopathic doctors and less expensive. However when your looking at your cost and value sometimes it’s true especially with a master herbalist and such, you may pay a lot but your health matters will be healed also. So you get what you have paid for. I think what our abused and used feet need is old fashioned tender loving care. Add some essential oils and you’ll be outta this world, and feeling fabulous.

  3. Angela M. says:

    I will be going to buy that book now. As a massage therapist at a wellness office I am very interested in improving the health of our patients through reflexology and this article was really informational.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Angela, glad you found value in this article. Please come back and offer your insight on how you enjoyed the book and how it fit in with your practice.

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