The Complete Reflexology Tutor: Benefiting Reflexology Practitioners and Students

Known around the world for her professional knowledge and achievements in the field of reflexology, Ann Gillanders has provided practicing reflexologists and students with an informative book.

The Complete Reflexology Tutor: Everything You Need to Achieve Professional Expertise (published by Gaia) has information for readers on everything from the pressure points on the feet to case studies in starting one’s own reflexology practice.

This comprehensive book is indispensable for reflexologists of all experience levels, especially those just starting out in their career.

Reflexology 101

All reflexologists and reflexology students will appreciate Gillanders’ book, The Complete Reflexology Tutor: Everything You Need to Achieve Professional Expertise. The Association of Reflexologists—a professional society promoting many values related to the field of reflexology, including high-quality professional development—has given The Complete Reflexology Tutor its endorsement. This book provides readers with a thorough overview of the field of reflexology, specifically for those just starting out.

Reflexology on FootDiscussions in the book include:

  • An overview of reflex points and their corresponding body systems
  • Explanations on how specific treatments help with common conditions
  • Treating patients who are pregnant or have a mental disorder
  • Using reflexology to treat stress

These discussions are written in an easy to understand format, and accompanied by color illustrations. (To begin learning, we offer a free downloadable reflexology footchart.)

Starting a Wellness Practice

Holistic health practitioners seek to bring holistic approaches to their clients’ health and wellness needs. Natural solutions that health and wellness therapists use include healthy nutrition, natural health supplements, regular physical exercise, and a host of alternative therapies, including reflexology.

Students of reflexology learn many elements of the therapy, including the various pressure points, how reflexology impacts the body and mind, and what conditions it effectively treats. When the time comes to start a practice of one’s one, many people may be left feeling unsure of the first steps and the procedures to take when attracting clients.

For seasoned practitioners to those just beginning their career in reflexology, The Complete Reflexology Tutor has information and advice of value. Both veterans and novices will appreciate Gillanders’ tips and guidance on starting a reflexology practice. By using informative case studies and personal wisdom, Gillanders has created a manual complete with all the information necessary for being successful in the field of reflexology.

Professional Wisdom

Gillanders' Complete Reflexology TutorGillanders herself is an internationally known reflexologist with a successful career practicing the therapy, as well as educating, lecturing, and writing on the subject. She has written many top-selling books about the field of reflexology, and is considered one of the profession’s most knowledgeable practitioners.

Fortunately, Gillanders has compiled years of her knowledge of reflexology into a single manual, useful for all experience levels of reflexologists.

It is easy to receive more information on starting a reflexology practice by reading Gillanders’ book.

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