Scorpio Traits and Characteristics Point to a Fiery Heart

By Robin Ohara

If you were born between October 24th and November 22nd, your sun sign is Scorpio. Zodiac symbol being, of course, the Scorpion, and you are one of the most powerful and intense signs of the astrological chart. (But you knew that, didn’t you?)

Scorpio traits and characteristics include piercing eyes, sexual magnetism, being secretive, forceful, and exciting. You probably take good care of your body, or at least talk about doing so. Famous Scorpios include Vivian Leigh (Gone with the Wind makes sense, all of a sudden, doesn’t it?), Rodney Dangerfield and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Their love compatibility signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn, the most compatible being Capricorn and their least-Aries, which would make sense because they would argue constantly. (Fire and water make steam!) They are the most magnificent of the constellations; the center star is called Antares and looks like the Scorpion’s fiery heart when seen during the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere.

I told you all of that to tell you this, every guy I have ever fallen for at first sight has been a Scorpio, and every one of them refused to acknowledge my existence. Many a note was passed in study hall, the epitome of the school yard crush. You know the note, the one that says ”Do you like me?” with the three boxes-yes, no, or maybe, a veritable Ouija board of choices. And if you’ve ever loved a Scorpio you know that they will always check “maybe.” It’s part of their being secretive and they love to keep you guessing. Like their insect counterpart, the Scorpio will dance backward egging you on, promising passion, asking to borrow your car only to turn and sting you when they get bored. These are not just traits of the male Scorpio, either. Female Scorps will ask to borrow your best dress, and then exit the party with someone,( Probably an Aries) leaving you to find your own ride home. (Usually with a Virgo)

I am not bitter; I have just learned my lesson the hard way. Scorpio’s are also great leaders. They make wonderful attorneys. They are well spoken and charming. If I were to get into a verbal argument I would want a Scorpio on my side. (For physical altercations you’ll want a Leo.) If I ever need a stockbroker, I will ask them when their birthday is. Bill Gates is a Scorpio.

By the way, another characteristic typical of the Scorpio zodiac symbol is obsessive-compulsive disorder, and you’re probably a gambling addict, so there.

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