Astrology Reports and Charts Describe Libra Personalities

In reviewing the astrology reports and charts of those individuals born under the Sunsign of Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd) you will find they are some of the most conscience-driven souls of the whole Zodiac.

The only Sun sign symbolized by an inanimate object (the scales), Librans are also set apart by their innate need for fairness. This is not blind adherence to law. Indeed, some notorious baddies have been Libra personalities. You can be certain that, whatever dastardly stunts they’ve pulled, the Libra heart believed wholly in “The Cause”.

Libra, much like his Zodiac neighbor, Virgo, loves all things luxurious, in an orderly fashion. Libra shuns ostentation. If you want to attract the attentions of any Libran, be well dressed, appropriate to the occasion and always, pay close attention to the details. They will, and if your fingernails are ragged or your shoes too well worn, they will look away. For they love to show off their date, so be prepared to be at least somewhat ornamental when you’re on a Libran’s arm.

Often adventurers and always seeking balance as long as the Libra personality keeps his mind wide-open, he can get along splendidly with about any other Sunsign. Think Timothy Leary, Ed Sullivan and John Lennon. Peaceful resolution is always their first choice (Mahatma Ghandi) but if pushed beyond a certain point they can become a formidable foe (General Eisenhower).

Speaking of their zodiac compatibility, one sign is not it. Scorpio and Libras do not mix well. This is just the sign to provoke gentle-natured Libra to war. If only because the fair-minded Scales, who seeks to understand everything, can make neither heads nor tails of Scorpio’s dark demeanor. Scorpios seem to hide their true feelings behind an armor of cool, Pluto-lit serenity; Libras like to know exactly where they stand at all times, but Scorpio figures if you have to spell it out, it’s not worth telling. There is no communication and no compatibility with these two Sunsigns. Even with favorable moons and other planet and house configurations, relationship compatibility between Scorpio and Libra sun signs takes a lot of work.

Probably the best potential mate for a Libra is another Libra. As long as they don’t allow their friendly debates to turn into shouting matches, as a personality trait of Libra has them being notorious screamers in disagreements. Put two of them together and they can make a well-balanced life with each other. They will understand one another’s need to sleep until noon on the weekends and watch each other’s backs like no other ever could. A natal astrology report and houses chart will go a long way to helping a Libra personality understand not only themselves but their potential mates as well.

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