Cancer Horoscopes Show they Make Great Counselors and Loving Mates

Sometimes in astrology, the cancer sign is referred to as “the crab,” because of the word’s unfortunate connotation. In fact, in Latin the word means “in place” which has to do with the disease, but it also literally means “the crab.” The difference is in the spelling.

Cancerians are born between June 22nd and July 22nd, and are great cooks and homemakers. They prefer their homes to be a haven for their families, rather than serve as show pieces for guests. They are extremely family oriented, and usually have thick scrapbooks-they rely heavily on their childhood experiences to determine how to function as adults, and tend to create and observe family traditions.

If you were born under the sun sign of cancer you probably are prone to being emotional and moody. You are also cautious and shrewd in business, and have the potential to become very successful in any career that you choose to pursue. In the cancer horoscope, compatibility lies with Scorpio, Pisces, or Taurus. Cancer and Taurus seem to get along particularly well because they both love nice things, good food, and are loyal to a fault when it comes to family. They will make excellent parents as a couple, and can be depended on everything for their children from candy bar sales to junior prom chaperones. The only potential problem is that both tend to shut down emotionally if unhappy, the Cancer receding into its shell and the Taurus too stubborn to start a conversation. Scorpio is a good match as well, if the Cancerian wishes to work within the home. The Scorpio will tend to run the show, but you can depend on fidelity and kindness. A Pisces mate will mean that you will have a lot of spats, but there will be a mutual willingness for running the household and paying the bills.

The field of astrology counseling is full of people born under the sign of cancer, and no wonder. Cancerians are intuitive and empathetic, and make wonderful counselors with their unique ability to get others to look at their pasts and draw on those experiences. These counselors do not look at zodiac compatibility as in trying to help you find a mate, but if you are unhappy with your career choice, these new age therapists can use your zodiac sign to help point you toward a more fulfilling job. They are also so imaginative that they might even come up with a job description that you never would have thought of! So if you are looking for a mate or a career counselor using astrology, cancer signs steal the show.

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