Leo Compatibility with the Other Zodiac Signs

When learning about the lion, leo compatibility is an important subject. Have you ever tried to test if you are compatible with a Leo? The zodiac symbol of the lion may give you alittle idea as most Leos live up to this reputation by being strong and majestic. The lion or lioness has a strong will, though often mistaken for stubbornness.They are known as very giving and creative. Be very cautious when approaching this sun sign however, they have a strong need for things to go their way and will stop at nothing to achieve success.

Unless there is a major negative aspect in your Leo’s chart, playing unfair is really far beneath them. Lions are naturally honorable and even though they play to win, they do always play fair and are absolutely beyond belief when they learn someone else has cheated or done something under-handed.

When looking for a partner that is compatible, there are a few things that should be taken in to consideration. There needs to be a balance of qualities within each sign that will allow for an equal amount of give and take. Because this sign can be so stubborn at times, they need to be with another strong sign that can be caring, yet still be able to keep them in check. The Gemini is known to be a perfect match for the Leo. Leo Gemini compatibility will balance each other. Gemini people are strong and have a decent capability to adapt to Leo’s wild ways. Other signs that get along fairly well with them are Aries and Sagittarius. Aries Leo compatibility show that the Ram doesn’t mind letting Leo have the center stage as long as it is not for too long and Sagittarius is so easy going they are likely to simply smile when the Lion starts roaring.

Due to the Lion’s nature for constantly striving to be the center of attention and feeling a constant need to get their way, they set themselves up for quite a bit of conflict with other signs. Two Leos generally have a rough match of it. Two Lions can’t run the pride and share the stage. It’s usually a really intense and passionate relationship that leaves both Lions with memories forever, usually a mixture of good and bad. Leo is such a strong presence; many signs are not basely compatible. Even a Cancer male is often in tears when in a relationship with blustery Lioness.

You can use astrology counseling to see where you are basely compatible and what aspect you need to work on. Any planet in your own chart that directly opposes your Leo’s Sun, will be an issue you need to work on. This is a good way to find the compatible points that are positive and strong in your relationship.

Leo may seem boisterous and flighty, but that’s really not the case. When Leo’s feelings are aroused, no one will love or care more fiercely. Oddly enough one of the best matches this sign is Airy Aquarius who really doesn’t’t care who is boss in a relationship. Especially if the third houses of communication are compatible. Mercury in this house for both parties can make this nearly a soul-mate connection when it comes to Leo compatibility.

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