Enriching Relationships: Love and Relationship Prayer

If you want to enrich your relationship with self and your partner prayer is a wonderful vehicle doing so. With a love and relationship prayer you can gain a clearer perspective on matters of the heart. I suspect that this is particularly effective because love is so closely related to Spirit. Matters having to do with love don’t always respond well to logic or even emotional instincts. There are several different forms of prayer, such as meditation, contemplation, devotion, etc. Whatever issue one may be dealing with regarding relationships, prayer is frequently the best answer and the form that one uses isn’t especially relevant.

One reason for this is that the state of mind and heart we achieve in a state of prayer transcends the everyday perspective which created the issue in the first place. We are able to step outside of our ordinary concerns about ego, competitiveness and victimhood and look at a higher perspective on the matter. An additional factor in favor of prayer is that we must give up our exclusive control over the situation, ask for and accept help from another source. This is particularly valuable in love and relationship matters, since many of the problems we experience in this area have to do with issues of control. Love and Relationship Prayer is a course to enrich your personal relationships.

When we open ourselves to prayer, wonderful things can happen. The first thing is that we are able to share the burden of our concerns. Taking some of this weight off of our shoulders is freeing and naturally, we are better able to function. There is also support. When we pray, we are in communion with something that is far better informed than we are and which can completely empathize with our situation. This can be a great relief. There can be insight or inspiration. It’s very common to come away from prayer with a fresh idea or perspective on our situation.

Many of us have forgotten how to pray. Although we may have learned certain words or rituals in childhood, these may not feel relevant to our adult lives. It’s actually very simple, if you’ve gotten out of the habit. You simply open your heart to your Higher Power. Whether you can fully conceptualize your communication or not, doesn’t matter at first. What’s important is establishing the connection. This heart opening is communion with the source of your being, and you can just let go. Allow the troubles to spill out, releasing them. When this is done, just be quiet and receptive. You may or may not get anything definitive in return, but that doesn’t matter at this point. What is important is your openness to letting this be a two-way flow.

Prayer is a very healing activity under any circumstance. Give yourself the gift of experiencing it and notice if you enrich the various relationships in your life.

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