Paul Adams’ CD Heavens: A Native American Flute-Enriched Escape to Tranquility

Poet, photographer, artist, and acclaimed musician Paul Adams is a renowned creative force gifting the world with beauty and hope.

His album Heavens (Lakefront Productions) was created with the intention of instilling in listeners the therapeutic qualities of stillness, something that so often goes overlooked in today’s hectic world.

Heavens is a beautiful and serene presentation of flute music, giving new age music lovers a relaxing opportunity to engage in the quieter side of life.

Meditative Music of Heavens

Musician Paul AdamsHeavens is rich with the enticing melodies of Native American flute. While listening, his audience is swept away into a realm of solitude, reflection, and meditative peace. This album is suitable for anyone wishing to engage in restorative therapies, such as meditation, yoga, or massage, or for anyone simply desiring to close their eyes and  transcend into a realm of stillness.

This 10 track album is calming, offering listeners such tracks as the remarkably haunting “Dreamtime” and the emotionally tranquil “Grace Befalls the Evening.” For moods of solitude reflection, “Whippoorwill” will complement the scene nicely. Heavens concludes with the restorative and encouraging sounds of “The Sky of Hope.”

About Paul Adams, Music Artist

Paul Adams' Heavens CDPaul Adams has a deep passion for musical instruments, a passion he has carried forth in his eight albums spanning five musical genres: world fusion, new age, ambient, jazz, and Native American. With a large collection of flutes, Adams was able to arrange the relaxing melodies of Heavens with precision.

Another side to Adams’ musical career is his love of jazz, something he is able to showcase in the jazz-world fusion band he started with fellow musician David Hoffman called The Neurons.

One of Adams major influences stems from his work with people living with mental illness and using music as a therapeutic support for transcending social barriers and embracing its healing aspects.

Listeners of Heavens will immediately recognize the soothing qualities Adams has set out to create, and find themselves melting into a relaxing state of being.

To listen to the beautiful tracks, click > Heavens CD by Paul Adams


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