CD Review of Silhouette of a Season by Matt Millecchia

Silhouette of a Season (Acid Lake Publishing) is the first CD release by Matt Millecchia.

His first CD release is produced by Grammy Award winner and founder of Windham Hill Records, William Ackerman. Ackerman approached Millecchia to work on this CD together.

Millecchia was born in Morgantown, West Virginia where he picked up his first guitar at the age of fourteen. For some people they just know something was meant to be from the beginning; this was true for Millecchia who immediately began writing songs and playing live.

From Punk and Metal Millecchia Finds a Home with Acoustic Guitar

After leaving West Virginia in 1999 he moved to Rochester, New York where he further explored musical styles; from punk to folk bands, Millecchia tried out a variety of musical styles until he finally settled and began to exclusively work in instrumental acoustic guitar. This is what you hear on Silhouette of a Season.

Album Cover for Silhouette of a SeasonMillecchia’s dedication and talent for the acoustic guitar is strong and obvious on this CD, Silhouette of a Season. He’s joined by famous contributing musicians to craft a beautifully woven CD filled with peaceful and symbolic tunes.

Some of the guest contributors on Silhouette of a Season are T-Bone Wolk (who’s played bass for greats Carly Simon, Hall and Oates and on Saturday Night Live), Michael Manring, Eugene Friesen, Derrik Jordan, and Steve Schuch. Not to forget William Ackerman himself.

Dreamy to Upbeat

The songs you’ll find on Silhouette of a Season range from a softer, more melancholy sound to ones sprinkled with upbeat rhythms to tap you toes. I like Track number 7, “Sphynx,” with its peaceful yet upbeat sounds.

Track number 9 slows it all down with its appropriate name, “Mist.” You indeed feel as if you’re watching mist slowly lifting off the surface of a lake hidden deep in the woods.

If you appreciate good acoustic guitar Silhouette of a Season is one CD you’ll definitely want to get a hold of today!

Learn More & Listen to > Silhouette of a Season CD by Matt Millecchia

Silhouette of a Season Promo Video

Learn More & Listen to> Silhouette of a Season CD by Matt Millecchia

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