Review of Ground Swell Music CD & Music Video DVD by David Mauk

If you like ambient music that will caress your body, mind, and soul, then David Mauk’s latest CD release Ground Swell (Thera Records) deserves a listen.

This is Mauk’s second CD release following up his debut CD release, 12 Months, which came out in March 2009.

Following on the warm welcome that 12 Months received Mauk has created an interesting, versatile, and tranquil fourteen song collection featuring harmonic melodies, many in tribute to his East Coast home.

From Humble Ohio to Flashy Vegas

Cover for Ground Swell

Mauk, born and raised in Ohio, now calls Las Vegas home. In his Las Vegas home, Mauk composes by day and works as musician in the fast paced canvas of Las Vegas by night.

When Las Vegas comes to mind many often think of fast paces, loud noises, and in general lots of over-stimulation. However, on Ground Swell overstimulation is the last thing you’ll hear.

And although Ground Swell is only Mauk’s second CD, his work has been featured in a number of prestigious places across the globe, listened to by more than ten million people worldwide.

Mauk’s music is the accompanying sounds to several National Geographic museum exhibits such as Tut, Cleopatra, and Real Pirates. Additionally, his music has been heard on CNN, and in museums across the United States and in Australia, Austria, and England. Quite the repertoire for such a young, upcoming musician.

One listen to Ground Swell and you’ll know why.

One Listen and You’re Hooked

Each track on Ground Swell is a tribute to not just East Coast haunts but to the art of Mauk’s favorite artist, Edward Hopper. I particularly liked the first track, “Dawn in Pennsylvania,” as it seemed to be the perfect accompaniment to exactly what it’s entitled, the dawn in the East coast state of Pennsylvania.

Another great track is the eccentric track number four, “Chop Suey,” described by Mauk as “off the wall.” I also enjoyed track number two, “Summertime,” a light, upbeat tribute to all of our favorite time of year the soft, sweet summer.

Each of these fourteen tracks will delight your ears and tantalize your senses. But that’s not all you get with Ground Swell. Mauk has included a DVD with accompanying music videos for his songs created in black and white footage taken from the same time period that Edward Hopper created much of his infamous artwork.

Visit Amazon to Listen > Ground Swell Music CD & DVD by David Mauk

Capture Ground Swell in Sixty Seconds

Visit Amazon to Listen > Ground Swell Music CD & DVD by David Mauk

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