Ultimate Relaxation Album: Guided Meditation, Relaxation Music, and Natural Sounds by Llewellyn

Finding healing music that soothes, relaxes, and also supports the listener’s experience by inviting them into a state of consciousness that invokes well-being is always a find.

When it comes to Llewellyn’s CDs released by Paradise Music you can’t go wrong.

Review of Ultimate Relaxation CD

The Ultimate Relaxation CD offers a guided meditation is perfect if you are new to meditation or tend to enjoy guided meditation over other forms.

Llewellyn takes his listeners through a sweet journey that includes elements of deep breathing, private beaches and palm trees, color therapy and remnants of hypnotherapy.

Llewellyn’s lilting voice combines nicely with the background music, and the entire journey leaves the listener feeling well rested, lighter and more at ease.

Relaxing for Kids and Pets Too

The meditation is also effective for relaxing small animals, and presumably children of all ages.

During the review process I have listened to the CD several times, once with a two month old kitten and now, with a two month old puppy nearby. Both animals ended up near the speakers and immediately went into a deep sleep. Normally nervous about being left alone, I was surprised to see that both animals stayed in a deep sleep even when I left the room.

Listen as Meditation and Massage Music

Album Cover for Ultimate RelaxationThe music that follows the guided meditation is also lovely, a perfect follow up to the meditation. You can either continue to rest or leave it play while you are easing your way back into activity.

This CD is wonderful for a mid-day break, insomnia, or if you wake up in the middle of the night and cant get back to sleep. The second and third tracks are also lovely for massage or for setting a relaxing tone in the home or office.

The third track entitled Calming Seas, offers the comforting and relaxing sound of waves crashing against the shore: perfect if you like to sleep near the ocean!

Each track stands alone nicely and, when combined offer a serene experience that is easy to fall asleep to.

Because Llewellyn is a sound healer one can only imagine the levels of healing that can take place while listening or sleeping near this collection of vibrations.

Other CDs include: Reiki, Reiki Gold, Journey to the Angels.

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