Book Review: My Mind Is Not Always My Friend by Steven J. Fogel

Steven J. Fogel is a businessman’s dream.

A millionaire by the age of thirty, this driven, intelligent man owned a mansion in the much sought after community of Hollywood, married the woman of his dreams, had children, and everything else a man could possibly want, but still wasn’t deeply, truly happy.

Instead of blindly pushing through life, living lavishly, Fogel decided instead to figure out true happiness, why despite his success it still eluded him, and how he and others could capture happiness of the soul. He gives it all to you in My Mind Is Not Always My Friend, published by The Peppertree Press.

Finding Happiness

Steven J. Fogel Profile PictureFogel is by no means a simple man. In addition to his multi-million dollar commercial real estate business, Westwood Financial Corp., he’s also mastered painting, writing, acting, and stand-up comedy. It’s not that he wasn’t engaged with life or living a happy life but in his heart of hearts true happiness and contentment were not his.

In his latest book, My Mind Is Not Always My Friend, Fogel puts to paper what he learned about achieving true, lasting happiness in life, how it finally worked for him, and how it can work for you now too.

Discover What’s Holding You Back

My Mind Is Not Always My Friend is an eighteen chapter, 188 page soft cover book that explores what’s holding you back from living a life of real happiness and contentment. The title is obviously a hint at what Fogel suggests within the pages of this inspirational book.

This is a powerful book that asserts that the fears we hold in each of our own minds, that are many times unique to us, our upbringings, and the way the course of life has taken each of us, is the key ingredient to what keeps us afraid of true living. When we are fearless, Fogel says, we are at our very best.

And despite how this may sound, we are in control of those fears and ultimately our mind and the thoughts we choose to let resonate within its walls. Do you live in the past on a daily basis guided by past fears, regrets, and failures? Or do you start each day anew with a fresh, new outlook, letting go of the mistakes and worries of yesterday?

In My Mind Is Not Always My Friend, Fogel tells us of his own journey in discovering that he too lived controlled by his fears and his past. He learned how to forge a spiritual life and let go of his fears. In this book he teaches you how to do take this simple yet powerful step in your life too.

Learn the Gift of the Now and Live It

Living in the now, the present is the only way to truly feel the peace we all crave. However, most of us are challenged to let go of the past, not worry about the future, and be in the now everyday. Fogel teaches you awareness of your mind, its messages, and how to harness your powerful mind to work for you, not against you.

My Mind is Not Always My Friend BookcoverMy Mind Is Not Always My Friend is an interesting, life-changing book for those who are able to read it, apply it, and live it. Fogel seems to have achieved success now on all fronts and the final and most important one to him is living in the now, and finding true peace and joy.

If you feel you are living a ‘less than’ life, that something keeps holding you back from true joy and peace, this book can help you to unravel this mystery in a simple manner and find true happiness for yourself, for life.

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