Delightful Piano Music: Heavy as a Feather by Kathryn Kaye

The piano is, in my opinion, the best instrument that captures any emotion. And Kathryn Kaye is one of the most talented piano players I’ve heard.

Her second album, Heavy as a Feather (Imaginary Road Studios) is a breath-taking display of her abilities.

Produced by Will Ackerman, this album does not disappoint fans of ambient, relaxing, new age music.

Pianist Kathryn Kaye

Kaye’s debut album, Dreaming Still, spent two months as the Zone Music Reporter’s number one spot for New Age/Ambient/World Top 100. Heavy as a Feather has received praise since its release, and continues to amaze music fans around the world.

Playing the piano from a young age, Kaye is also a talented folk, soprano, and operatic singer. She has toured across the United States and in Europe showcasing her skills, infusing her musical style with folk and classical music qualities. Kaye’s style is soothing and meditative, and provides listeners with a relaxing musical experience.

Heavy as a Feather: Melodic Album

Kathryn Kaye's Heavy as a FeatherThis gentle album incorporates Kaye on the piano with guest musicians on the English horn, bass, cello, and violin to give 11 tracks worthy of a listen. Opening with “Mountain Laurel,” listeners are immediately centered in her melody. Other solo piano pieces on the album include the equally beautiful “So Much Sky,” “Dusk at Rockhouse Creek,” and the closing track, “One Last Quiet Breath.”

Two songs stood out for me. “Earth” is my top pick on Heavy as a Feather. The violin is introduced subtly and makes for the perfect musical accompaniment as listeners feel their way through the natural musical flow. The other stand out song is “How Deep, How Simple,” aptly named for its easy-flowing but deep-reaching sounds. If you’re in a dreamy state of mind, this song matches where your mind will go.

If you’re looking for a new album to help you de-stress or to fuel periods of reflection, Heavy as a Feather is it. Kathryn Kaye is a gifted musician who does not disappoint listeners with this alluring piano album.

To hear song samples, please click > Heavy as a Feather by Kathryn Kaye

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