Candice Night’s Voice is Stunning on Solo Album Reflections

It is quite a gift to have a voice that can stop someone cold and make them listen.

That is what happens on Candice Night’s contemporary new age album, Reflections (Minstrel Hall Music).

The award-winning vocalist’s enchanting skills resonate with listeners on her first solo project. Great for ambient music or songs to relax to, Reflections has a diverse song list suitable for every moment.

Singer/Songwriter’s Solo Effort

Candice Night is half of the contemporary folk group, Blackmore’s Night, along with her husband, former Deep Purple guitar player Ritchie Blackmore. Blackmore’s Night is renowned for its unique introduction of medieval and renaissance style music into contemporary compositions.

Night sang backup for Deep Purple in the early 1990s, and cowrote the album Stranger in Us All by Rainbow, another of Blackmore’s groups. She also wrote the first album for Blackmore’s Night, called Shadow the Moon. Several of her songs have won international acclaim and gold medals for their impact with music lovers.

Reflections a Vocal Showcase

Reflections by Candice NightNight’s first solo album is an enticing display of her vocal skills. With a rock, folk, country, or classical-type feel to each of the 10 songs, there is a track on Reflections to suit every mood.

“Gone Gone Gone” has an obvious country and western overtone to it. It is upbeat and Night’s voice draws listeners in from the very start. My favorite track, “Call It Love,” is a folky song with beautifully written lyrics that accompany the piano and gentle guitar. For a song with a stronger rock or even electronica feel to it, listeners will like the bold sounds of “Dangerous Smile.”

Reflections is a debut album from a talented singer and songwriter. Night’s musical talent is explored from each angle on this contemporary album.

To hear song samples, please click > Reflections by Candice Night

Candice Night Sings Black Roses

To hear song samples, please click > Reflections by Candice Night

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