A Collaborative DreamScape: Doorway to a Dream by Ann Licater

Gifted Native American and world flutist Ann Licater’s CD Doorway to a Dream offers the listener an ambient space to deepen into states of relaxation.

Listeners are captured by the rich collaborative dreamscapes on each of the tracks. The flutes used on Doorway to a Dream span from around the globe. Listen to a triple clay flute, a Chinese xiao, various Native American flutes, and an silver alto flute.

Guest artists join in to weave together their expansive and artistic skills making this Doorway to a Dream an excellent collaboration for mediation music, to yoga music, or for an easy listening that relaxes your mind and soothes your soul.

Review of Ann Licater’s Doorway to a Dream

Enter the realm of mystical sounds and tranquility when you listen to Doorway to a Dream (Cul de Sac Mystic Productions) by Ann Licater.

Flutist Ann LicaterIn her follow up CD to Following the Call, which was nominated for the Best Native American Album, her latest CD release which debuted in the coveted number three best selling music at the United State’s largest body/mind/spirit bookstore, there are fourteen mesmerizing tracks to bring you into a deep state of relaxation and harmony with all that is.

Ann Licater is an accomplished Native American and world flutist who in this CD weaves the sounds of numerous world flutes along with keyboards, Japanese shakuhachi, sitar, and guitar to create rich, meditative sounds that envelop the listener taking him or her to other worlds.

Enjoy a World of Flutes with Sounds from Ancient Worlds

And it would seem that the journey through this tranquil CD collection is in other worlds as much of the instruments are indeed from other countries. Featuring a number of flutes such as Native American flutes, zapaotec ceremonial triple clay flute, Chinese xiao, and the silver alto flute each of the fourteen dreamy tracks found on Doorway to a Dream tell a different story and lead the listener to different worlds.

Licater’s Impressive Guest Artists

Doorway to a Dream CD CoverJoining Licater in this magical celebration of ancient worlds are accomplished musicians Jose Neto (on Track 9,) Peter Phippen (Track 11,) Jeff Oster (Track 12,) and Shambhu (Track 6).

Each of these fourteen tracks is reflective and enjoyable. This CD, Doorway to a Dream perfectly complements any space in need of tranquility and the tools to transcend the mind to other worlds of peace and calm.

I liked all of the tracks, but particularly was touched by track number nine, “Earth to Sky” as well as track thirteen, “Healing Hearts.”

Grab this dreamy CD for a listen and you’re sure to open the Doorway to a Dream.

To listen, visit Amazon > Doorway to a Dream CD

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