Hennie Bekker’s Spectrum: A Must-Have Album

Keyboardist Hennie Bekker has perhaps one of the most musically diverse backgrounds—with albums ranging from children’s music to world, jazz to classical, and pop to holiday—but is best known for his new age albums.

A musical artist with an impressive list of accolades, Bekker released Spectrum: An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music (Abbeywood Records) as a compilation of 14 of his most noted songs.

With sounds ranging from nature inspired to songs to romance, Spectrum has earned its international recognition from new age music critics.

Internationally Acclaimed Instrumentalist

Hennie BekkerBorn in Zambia, Bekker was drawn at a young age to tribal harmonies and drumming from the African culture. He is known as one of the world’s most recognized composers of nature and sounds from the environment.

After teaching himself to play the piano, Bekker toured with several different bands and as a solo performer through South Africa, in London, and across Canada. Bekker help form the electronic dance band BKS, and toured all over North America as the band’s music climbed Billboard’s dance music charts. BKS won both a Juno and a Much Music Video Award. As a solo artist, Bekker has had dozens of platinum and gold records.

Spectrum: The Best of All Songs

Spectrum won the Zone Music Reporter’s 2011 award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album and the 2011 award for Best Electronica Album. With an entertaining blend of songs from 11 previous albums, Bekker’s Spectrum really is the best of the best.

Natural jungle sounds open “The Heart of Africa,” from the Temba album, and are soon followed by an intoxicating rhythmic blend of keyboards and synthesizers. It’s an upbeat, but relaxing song. It leads into my favorite track on the album: “Bahia Nights.” If you enjoy relaxing music with an exotic edge to it, this song featured off Bekker’s Moving On CD is it. Worldly keyboards and a mid tempo rhythm lead listeners through the musical story.

Hennie Bekker's SpectrumI also enjoyed “Sands of Time” from Bekker’s Mirage CD. It is the perfect song to meditate to with its dreamy pitch. The slow pace is gradually developed into a quicker rhythm, but it does not lose its mystic edge. Or perhaps “Elusive Sensation” from Spa will provide the ambient background needed for self-reflection and relaxation.

This powerful world/instrumental album will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys music. As a complement to meditation practices, as ambient music for a dinner party, or a soundtrack for yoga practices, Bekker’s Spectrum CD does not disappoint.

To hear song samples, please click > Spectrum: An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music by Hennie Bekker

Spectrum Music Video Sample

To hear song samples, please click > Spectrum: An Anthology of Relaxing Instrumental Music by Hennie Bekker

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