Things aren’t Always as They Appear: Abundance Affirmation for Releasing a Sense of Desperation

A sense of desperation can ruin our prosperity destiny and vision. This can be tough to face, but it’s true. There are several reasons for this.

Manifestation follows thought. It also follows emotion. It’s important to have emotion in our prosperity work, but it needs to be positive emotion. Desperation is a form of fear. Fear is an emotional energy which withdraws, holds back and attempts to “fend off” incoming energies. None of this is conducive to attracting abundance, in fact, it pushes abundance away.

There is an assumption behind desperation that something is really bad. That’s a powerful assumption which attracts that which is like itself, so we experience “really bad”. It’s not until we can calm down and allow ourself to understand that even if our prosperity work doesn’t work, we’ll still be just fine. In metaphysics this is called “releasing attachment to outcome”. It means that we quit worrying about whether it will work or not, and just do it. Emotional attachment to the outcome of specific prosperity work limits those visualizations and affirmations, preventing them from doing what they’re intended to.

A mind at peace is a rational mind. As “mystical” as prosperity work may seem, it’s necessary to be grounded and stable in order to achieve grounded and stable results.

To help with this, I have created a wealth building, prosperity affirmation. When acknowledged throughout your day it should help you release the stored fear that attaches to evidence that the universe is non responsive to your needs.

“I am always safe and protected, as I trust in the universe knowing that things aren’t always as they appear.”

Another assistence when a fearful mindset steps in is utilizing Bach Rescue Remedy. We feature several articles on flower essences to help you understand their energetic effects.

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