Wealth Building Advice: Do the Work, then Let Go

An essential aspect of the metaphysical process is that of releasing. This means that after we’ve done our visualizations, affirmed to ourselves until we’re absolutely certain that what we want will occur, we then have to let the whole thing go. This can be tough. It seems to be especially tough with the big “3” in metaphysical treatments, money, health and love (not necessarily in that order). This may be because we have a tendency to get desperate in these areas, feeling that we must have them or our life is worthless.

Naturally this is ‘just’ another belief, but one that can make us thoroughly miserable. The power of this desperate belief is such that we can cling to our want, to the desire, so tightly that the Universe can’t get it away from us to do it’s work. This is where we have to “get spiritual”, philosophical and detached, deciding that it doesn’t matter whether the metaphysical treatment works or not. We have to choose to turn it over to our Higher Power, trusting that It will act for our benefit. And if it doesn’t, oh, well. This is a bottom-line sort of attitude and there are plenty of failed metaphysicians out there who will dispute the validity of it. We have to “let it go” . That means completely, entirely, releasing all attachment and emotion from it. We must release our compulsive grip on the matter and choose to get on with our lives while the Universe does it’s job.

That means that if the rent doesn’t get paid this month, well, you’re going to have to work out something else. If your soul-mate doesn’t show up at your door tomorrow, then you’ll have to make other plans for Saturday night. And if you still have that flu next week, then you’ll just deal with it. None of these alternatives are anything new. You’ve been doing without whatever you’re trying to manifest for awhile now, or you wouldn’t be trying to do so now. So, let it be alright with you if the manifestation doesn’t happen this minute, or even next week. Let your faith be patient and mature. This is how you calm down enough to let go and permit the Universe to give you what you want.

How often has it happened that your manifestation didn’t take place until you became disgusted with waiting and said, “Oh, never mind. I give up!”? And once you said that, really meaning it, there was your own little miracle. You gave it up.

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