Music for Relaxation: Kathryn Kaye’s Debut Album, Dreaming Still

The debut album of musician Kathryn Kaye, Dreaming Still (Imaginary Road Studios), offers a composition of piano expertise certain to engage listeners with its enchanting melodies.

Kaye has an extensive musical background which she drew from to create this chart-topping new age piano album.

Dreaming Still is an album surely to complement anyone’s time for relaxation and meditation, as it offers calming and emotionally soothing songs.

The album was currently ranked Number One for January and February of 2011 by the Zone Music Reporter.

Musician Kathryn Kaye

Picture of Kathryn Kaye MusicianKathryn Kaye started her love affair with the piano at the age of 4. Since then, she has dedicated her life to music. Kaye studied voice and keyboard in college, and toured various places showcasing her vocal talents as a folk singer, soprano soloist, and operatic singer.

Kaye’s musical influences stem from her childhood upbringing in the Appalachian Mountains, her exposure to folksongs and hymns, her classical music background, and the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado where she currently resides. The result is a unique emotional musical style, blended with a hint of meditative qualities.

Dreaming Still a Chart-Topping Album

Kaye composed each track on the album, which was produced by Grammy Award winner Will Ackerman. Dreaming Still features an astounding composition of piano, violin, cello, bass, English horn, and percussion. Listeners will transcend from their busy, hectic day to a state of complete emotional stillness and dreamy relaxation.

It’s Kaye’s unparalleled ability to infuse both rich, dramatic melodies with ones a bit softer, a bit dreamy, that engages listeners’ entire being. Kaye’s debut album reached the number one spot on the Zone Music Reporter New Age/Ambient/World Music Top 100 list in January 2011.

Dreaming Still CD CoverUpon hearing the album’s first track, “Time Moving Slowly,” I knew I was in for a real treat. Kaye’s piano playing ability took my breath away. Each song on the album offers its own contribution to the Dreaming Still masterpiece.

The title track “Dreaming Still” conjures up that other-worldly feeling one gets when at the border between awake and asleep. One of my favorite tracks, “Leaf Dance,” showcases Kaye’s skills and passion for the piano. And the intriguing melody of “April Did You Call Me” had me hitting the repeat button a few times.

Listeners to Kathryn Kaye’s Dreaming Still will have the album playing over and over again, allowing Kaye to recapture their amazement each time.

To hear music samples, click > Kathryn Kaye’s Dreaming Still

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