Trance Grooves with Body Chants: The Grace of the Green Leaf CD

Lis Addison’s The Grace of the Green Leaf (All Aglow Music) opens the way for a new genre of music which sets healing tones to dance-oriented music.

Listening to Addison’s CD can’t help but engage the listener into a moving trance meditation as the body moves with the grooves of each tunes rhythms.

The palette of musical instrumentals and voice chants serve as a magnificent gift as listeners can’t help but groove, soothe, and move with Lis Addison’s vocal/dance compilations.

Her voice is mesmerizing as she blends her vocals with all the instruments she plays on each of the cuts she calls KiVo Body Chants, The Kenetic Voice.

Here is what one reviewer shares after listening to The Grace of the Green Leaf by Lis Addison.

Review of The Grace of the Green Leaf CD

Musician Lis AddisonThe Grace of the Green Leaf is Lis Addison’s follow up CD to The Song of the Tree.

On this upbeat CD described by Addison as sharing a new family of healing chants called ‘body chants,’ music swirls as her melodic voice instills peace.

These chants set to music encourage you to move with purposed focus attention on the body as a magnificent gift. The fast-moving rhythms and sublime sounds are meant to make the listener unable to resist getting up and moving about—in other words: dancing!

The sounds you hear on The Grace of the Green Leaf are from the same origins as the first CD from Addison: voice, electronics, and drums. All instruments, with the exception of the drum loops, are played by Addison.

Meet Lis Addison: Accomplished Composer, Vocalist, and Dancer

Addison specializes in composing, singing, and dancing, describing them as her among her greatest joys. Addison holds a BA in music composition and environmental science from Mills College.

She also holds an MFA in electronic music from the same school. She’s created music for film, video, bands, solo performance, and the concert stage.

Creation of KiVo

This very original style of music crafted by Addison was done so to create healing tones set with dance-oriented music to use in a self-created vocal/dance technique called KiVo or The Kinetic Voice.

KiVo is rooted in the Shamanic tradition to make people sensitive to and aware of our relation to all living beings. Addison describes KiVo and the music on The Grace of the Green Leaf, created to enhance KiVo dances, in this way:

KiVo blends sound healing and chant with tribal dance. It gives us an inner workout as we access the subtle vibrations created by the voice and an outer workout as we practice the dance. It is designed to clear the physical and energetic bodies in order to more fully receive and radiate the Spiritual Light.

Album Cover for The grace of the Green LeafI particularly like track number six, “Cooing Doves.” I also enjoyed listening to the next track, track number seven, “Sensory Skin.” Both offer melodic grooves that let the mind drift away and the body follows in motion.

This is a new age album worthy of repeated play. Listeners will become completely immersed in this new music genre with KiVo body chants. As one reviewer said, The Grace of the Green Leaf is:

an audio/movement journey through the plant and animal realms of our own beings.

—Conscious Dancer Magazine

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