Michael Stribling’s New Age Musical Narrative: Safely in the Arms of Love

Who doesn’t appreciate a good love story? Add the elements of self-discovery, foreign travel, and overcoming a few enemies and it’s sure to be a hit.

No, it’s not the latest Hollywood blockbuster. It’s the latest new age album released by accomplished musician Michael Stribling.

Safely in the Arms of Love (Leela Music) is an instrumental adventure in which the story of unfolds of a young man’s journey through life.

Highlander’s Journey

Michael Stribling's Safely in the Arms of LoveA young highlander leaves his home and his father to seek fame and fortune in the city. While working for his uncle, he meets an exotic woman and so begins a forbidden love affair. He his hunted, captured, and imprisoned for the scandalous relationship. The young highlander is eventually rescued by three people: his father, his uncle, and his lover.

So goes the story in Stribling’s unique and bold album, Safely in the Arms of Love. The instrumental journey is recounted in the album’s 15 songs—or chapters—that detail the adventures of the young highlander.

“The Royal City” is a magical melody that describes the highlander’s new city of residence. When he meets his true love in “Asian Flower,” Stribling gives listeners a gentle and loving tune. The young man’s feelings of despair are evident in “Miserere Mei,” a song featuring foreboding organs and chanting. In the end, however, the highlander finds himself “Safely in the Arms of Love,” the final chapter Stribling gives his listeners using light and joyous rhythms.

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About Michael Stribling

Stribling—a marriage and family therapist on top of being a highly praised musician—started playing the piano at the age of seven before venturing into violin and guitar. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in percussion, Stribling traveled as a drummer with Johnny Mathis.

Michael Stribling MusicianHis musical influences include The Beatles, J.S. Bach, Chick Corea, and Frank Zappa. Stribling founded Leela Music as a way to help improve the human spirit through the creation and expression of music.

Safely in the Arms of Love is an easy-listening soundtrack to accompany a quiet evening at home with a cup of tea or glass of wine. Listeners can sit back, relax, and enjoy the story of the young highlander told through Stribling’s refined musical abilities.

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