Hybrid by Bruce Kaphan a Unique Pedal Steel Guitar Style CD

New age music artist, Bruce Kaphan does it again in his latest CD release.

In Hybrid (Wiggling Air Records) you will find twelve new compositions featuring his unique pedal guitar style where he joins with other musicians to create an exotic blend of sounds that you will not hear anywhere else.

Hybrid is no run-of-the-mill CD and Bruce Kaphan by no means an ordinary musician—think extraordinary instead. When it comes to discovering a whole new sound in music, Kaphan seems to have gone where no one before has dared to go.

Ground-Breaking Style

Bruce Kaphan MusicianThere are many CDs out there offering the listener a wealth of positive musical listening experiences. As delightful as these may be, many times they are rather reflective of each other offering similar sounds, instruments, and melodies. They are none the less amazing creations. When it comes to Kaphan and Hybrid it’s a different ball game altogether.

Let’s be clear: Kaphan plays the pedal steel guitar, an unusual instrument in today’s musical world. This pedal steel guitar and Kaphan’s own unique musical creations offer the listener a chance to hear a rare and ground-breaking style of music—all of Kaphan’s own creation.

Kaphan’s Diverse Bio

Kaphan’s musical background is rich, traditional, and diverse.

On his musical bio you’ll find what you discover on many other artists bio’s: piano lessons, guitar lessons, the riveting impact of The Beatles on this young musician’s life, but that’s where much of the similarities end.

Kaphan has worked on more than 169 albums and with musical greats such as REM, Jewel, The Black Crowes, as well as Love and Rockets—not too shabby. When you listen to Hybrid you get what these talented musicians must have heard in Kaphan’s sound.

Hybrid More Than Musically Satisfying

Hybrid CDHybrid is an exotic, unique musical journey filled with sweet sounds of life. Hybrid is different from his CD debut, Slider, on which Kaphan was the sole player with the exception of one track with one guest player.

On Hybrid, Kaphan has welcomed a host of other musicians to captivate and tantalize the listener’s senses. Playing instruments like the ukulele, tabla, cello, congas, piano, fretless bass, as well as Kaphan’s own keyboards, guitar, and pedal steel, the soundscapes on Hybrid are rich, diverse, and really a one-of-a-kind listen sure to please any music lover’s senses.

As you listen to the first track, “Pohaka la,” you’ll feel you’ve been whisked away to the exotic Hawaiian Islands and are kicking back, enjoying the sweet sounds and smells of the ocean. Move on down to final track on Hybrid, “Silenzi,” and you’ll feel the all-encompassing, soft, swaying rhythms of life moving your to inner peace. This is a unique musical creation well worth the listen.

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