Music that Explores the Connection Between Sight, Sound and Emotion

With his newest album, “The Color of Sunshine” guitarist Lawrence Blatt explores the connection between sight, sound, and emotion.

With Blatt, Music and Science Go Hand in Hand

Lawrence Blatt is a musician well-known for his compositions with the acoustic guitar.

It is interesting to note that in addition to a background rich in music, Blatt also has an education in the sciences.

He turns to the science-oriented side of his brain, and takes a multi-faceted approach to his latest album. With this release, Blatt investigates some of the technicalities involved with the experience of creating and listening to music.

A Tapestry of Song

Music AwardThough his previous albums featured his solo work on the guitar, Blatt cultivated a more collaborative effort on his newest work.

In addition to Blatt’s acoustic guitar, other musicians make their way into his colorful tapestry of song.

Some of the instruments are to be expected on a more classical composition like the drums and piano. However Blatt pushes the creative envelope further by also including a beat box, accordion, ukulele, and more.

Additionally, Blatt partnered with Grammy award winning producer William Ackerman. The decision to record in both Vermont and California gives the album a bi-coastal feel, and invites its integration into any setting.

An New Age Music Album Rich in Meaning

pic-rainbow“The Color of Sunshine” is truly a concept album, and really unlike any I have heard before.

It is worthwhile to take some time to explore the themes connecting each track. To help listeners in this endeavor, Blatt includes a “Prologue,” which is written into the CD booklet.

The album explores the impact of certain colors on our moods, and also which feelings we associate with particular colors. Blatt takes these ideas a step further by writing songs based on the image of different colors.

The album invites listeners to find out for themselves if it is possible to capture the essence of color in sound, and whether the colored sound plays a role in our feelings as sight does.

A Musical Journey Through the Rainbow

The track-listing generally follows the order of the rainbow, ROYGBIV.

However Blatt increases interest within the music by also providing the hazy and dim “Gray Salt Marsh,” a cool “Black Rock Beach,” and the all inclusive title track “The Color of Sunshine.”

These tracks are examples of Blatt’s efforts in blending hues together, and including colors not depicted on the average rainbow.

It is interesting to listen to the album as a whole, but also with tracks at random. While Blatt’s track listing presents listeners with a well-curated listening journey, the songs themselves are still open to much interpretation.

The album is sure to mean something to unique to each of its listeners. Listening with the intent of learning Blatt’s idea of each color proves interesting, as does making your own color and sound associations.

Color of Sunshine Album CoverA Unique Experience with Every Listen

Blatt’s work invokes contemplation, yet remains a truly beautiful artistic expression.

Listeners will enjoy Blatt’s creative representation of color, and its ability to inspire their own pondering of sight and sound. With an album so rich, “The Color of Sunshine” only sounds better and better with repeated listens.

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