“11 Ways to Gain Clarity” Published by Steve Pavlina

Steve PavlinaSteve Pavlina is one of my favorite personal development writers. Often, his blog posts are essay length, so I save them to read when I’m not in a hurry. I usually re-read his writings, especially when I want to ponder more deeply what he’s sharing.

In “11 Ways to Gain Clarity,” Steve makes the distinction that before we can focus on the most meaningful and useful tasks, we must first be clear about our future path. Makes sense to me.

I like how he organizes his thoughts, first describing the “what” and “why,” and then shifting down to practical “how” suggestions. It’s so easy to read one article after another, nod our heads, and then go right back to our old self destructive habits of thought. But as Dan Millman likes to say, “Only action has the ability to turn knowledge into wisdom.”

Who Do You Hang Out With?

Steve gets to the point and is very direct. For example, in item two of the article, he states that we can create more clarity in our lives by “Hanging out with clear, focused people who can tell you their purpose and direction.” This is very true, in my experience. I’ve learned to use discernment regarding who I spend my time with.

Time To Take Responsibility

Again, Steve’s blog posts are often quite comprehensive, and this article is no exception. I like to do some personal and business planning this time of year, so I’m going to print this piece out, grab a pen and some paper (since I spend so much time on-line, I can often study more effectively away from the computer), work through the recommended steps, do some goal setting, and generate some additional clarity for 2010 in my personal life and business.

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  1. Fitness Equipment Online says:

    This links really well in with my own site. I’m currently writing an article around having your head in the right place to make an exercise plan which you can stick to, and setting goals is a massive part of that. I am currently researching the article, which is what brought me here. Very nice post, thanks!

  2. Jef Menguin says:

    You are very right about Steve Pavlina. He is one of my favorite bloggers too.

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