The 9Muses: Feel to Heal – A Goddess Musical Journey

We recently were introduced to the music of the 9 Muses and the Feel to Heal CD.

As you advance through each track you may feel that you are being guided on an internal exploration designed to invoke your senses.

Some songs offer lyrics with provocative suggestions that invite you to connect to your higher wisdom. Others are more ambient with vocals that have a soft and luring quality.

The melodies, synergy, and collaboration of the CD as a whole are easy to flow with while also stimulating curiosity to see what the next tract offers.

We still are not sure who the artist is behind the CD, but we are entertained by the thought of 9 Muses orchestrating a journey to “hear the seescapes of this song,” a suggestion in the poem in the CD jacket.

The Moon Told Me was a favorite, and the soothing tones and beat of Cool Water left me feeling good.  Here is what one of our reviewers experienced while also listening to these new age music artists.

9Muses: Feel to Heal

The soft, mesmerizing sounds of this anonymous group; 9Muses, takes the listener on a mellow and enlightening journey into their own deep inner truths. The songs combine mystical sounds with rhythm and lyrics to create a one of a kind sound.

With gentle, soothing voices, the group relaxes the body, soul, and mind of the listener. The group prefers to let the music speak and be the focus rather than details of the members of the 9Muses.

Drift Away, Let Your Ego Go

Drift away with the light and soothing sounds of this band as they urge you to release the tensions of the day (and life) and explore your inner peace, find your inner peace.

In general the music is a combination of percussion rhythms, female vocals, and synthesizer backgrounds. Each song has a bit of a different twist at times incorporating a more rock sound with guitars like in The Moon Told Me.

The songs tempos vary from toe tapping, peppy songs to slower more melodic and dreamy tunes. All are alluring and good listens, particularly for those who are fans of New Age type music.

While these 9Muses sound like they definitely could be goddesses their roots are, I suspect, a bit more along the norm, however since they wish to remain anonymous we’ll have to just wait to find out.

pic-9-muses-cdThe original 9 muses were all goddesses from Greek mythology. These 9 sisters were daughters of powerful Zeus and Mnemosyne, the ruler of memory. These 9 goddesses were the rulers of the arts and sciences giving all those who sought it the gift of inspiration in each of these areas.

This CD is the first in the ‘Element’ series with more to come. The vocals are by the first of the 9Muses who at this time, wishes to remain anonymous and simply ‘let the music speak.’

This first muse’s hypnotic voice blended with harmonious instrumentals is sure to please any listener’s ears, heart, and soul. Take a listen and decide for yourself.

You can purchase the songs either individually as MP3s, or as a CD.

Listen at Amazon > Feel to Heal CD by the 9Muses

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