Review of Robert Linton’s Instrumental Guitar Music: Throughout the Autumn Light

The tranquil songs featured on new age music artist Robert Linton’s latest album, Throughout the Autumn Light (October Moon Records) have the ability to dissipate whatever stress has been met in listeners’ days.

Linton is a talented musician who skills have been demonstrated on three previous albums. His soulful healing music has been used by both mainstream and alternative healers for holistic sound therapy techniques.

For any listener with a desire to escape into the dreamy waves of peace brought about by states of relaxation, Throughout the Autumn Light is the new age guitar album to do so.

The Calming Nature of Throughout the Autumn Light

Throughout the Autumn Light Album CoverWell suited for a meditation session, a spa treatment, or just to provide light ambient background music, Linton’s Throughout the Autumn Light (produced by the esteemed Corin Nelson) is a beautiful and calming soundtrack for all music lovers.

Linton’s mellow guitar playing skills soothe even the weariest of souls, like with the title track “Throughout the Autumn Light,” a calming and serene song. “Seasons of Years Past” is a melody designed to accompany listeners’ moments of reflection, perhaps while looking out the window onto the world or sitting back in a favorite chair with a cup of tea. “Sweet Dreams” is aptly titled, and listeners will surely be embraced by it’s soft and entrancing melody.

Listeners will be enchanted by “Glistening After the Mist,” a beautiful, meditative song featuring the soothing sounds of the violin. “Drifting Reflections” is the perfect meditative song, as it slows listeners’ thoughts with it’s calming melody.

About the Musician Robert Linton

Linton’s family had a big influence on his early attraction to music: his grandfather was an esteemed pianist and his father played sax in a local band. Both Linton and his sister played piano as young children, before beginning guitar lessons. Although his albums are serene and instrumental, Linton was highly influenced by classic rock artists, including Led Zepplin, and popular folk musicians, such as Simon & Garfunkel and Cat Stevens.

As a teenager, Linton began writing songs, a creative process that continued throughout his college years and beyond. After graduating from Utah State University with a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Linton began recording his music.

Linton released his first album, Pale Shades in 2004, and followed with Within the Outline in 2005. His third album, Whisperings at Nightfall, was produced by award winner Will Ackerman.

Throughout the Autumn Light has earned a warm welcome from listeners who appreciate Linton’s powerful musical skills and soothing songwriting. To complement your next yoga session or Sunday afternoon tea, this classical acoustic album is the perfect music CD.

To hear Linton’s mesmerizing songs, click > Throughout the Autumn Light by Robert Linton

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