An Engaging Collaboration: Arrival CD by Devin Rice and Erin Aas

When listening to Arrival (CDBY) by Erin Aas and Devin Rice, listeners will immediately understand why Grammy award winning Will Ackerman chose to produce this album.

The compositions are a blend of original acoustic instrumentals, combining the guitar and piano playing skills of both Aas and Rice. The two artists’ contrasting styles meld together offering a complementary listening experience.

New age music album Arrival is the perfect soundtrack for anyone wanting to relax, unwind, and perhaps move their body to the album’s engaging upbeat songs.

Collaboration by Two Musical Talents

Devin RiceErin AasA highly accomplished fingerstyle guitar player, Erin Aas features his remarkable skills on Arrival. As a graduate from the University of Washington and the University Faculty of Music in Edinburgh, Aas has a great love for modern choral music. His side projects include choral composition, vocal arranging, and classical guitar. Aas’s skills have been featured on five other albums.

With over 35 years experience playing the piano, Devin Rice has certainly perfected his skills—as is evident on this album. Most of Rice’s musical knowledge has been self-taught, including his composition skills, guitar playing, and understanding of the bass and banjo. Rice has recorded two dozen albums, and writes music for film, television, and modern dance productions.

Arrival a Fantastic New Age Album

Arrival Album CoverHands down, my favorite instrument is the piano. And when Rice’s piano playing is paired with Aas’s expert guitar skills, the result is a beautiful, rich-in-sound album. Rice’s and Aas’s collaboration is a showcase of their talents.

From the crisp and heartfelt “Procession” to “Morning with Annie,” a song featuring Aas’s passion for the guitar, listeners will be overcome with the musicians’ abilities to engage the music and their audience into a pleasurable listening experience. Arrival is dense with great songs, including the aptly-named “Tribute to Robert Frost,” the navajo flavored “Nevada,” and the relaxation-inducing melody of “Perdido en Granada.” For listeners seeking a mellow tune, “Lullaby for Now” is a delicate and soothing end to this expertly-arranged album.

To listen to samples, visit Amazon > Arrival CD by Devin Rice and Erin Aas

Nature Conservancy’s “Farming for Wildlife” Project

Watch this short video of the birds in the Skagit Valley in Washington state. It is fascinating to watch the bird’s flight patterns, which appear to swoon with this music track on the Arrival CD.

To listen to samples, visit Amazon > Arrival CD by Devin Rice and Erin Aas

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3 Responses

  1. Devin says:

    Hi and thank you Erin for the very complimentary revue! We’re very grateful for the amazing response we’ve been blessed with, and especially astounded to receive ZMR’s “Best Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year” award for 2010! OK, sorry for the shameless plug. Actually I just wanted to mention a small correction in your revue – merely for the sake of clarity. “Morning With Annie” was written and the main guitar work and bass were performed by me. Erin Aas played a great guitar part on the bridge along with Eugene Friesen’s beautiful cello work. Anyway, thanks again for the very nice review. Have an awesome day, Devin Rice.

    • erin_legg says:

      Hello Devin! It’s a pleasure to listen to such wonderful music — thank you for creating a beautiful album. Congratulations on all your achievements (plug away — you deserve it!). And thank you for the clarification! Arrival is a fantastic album! Take care, and I look forward to hearing what comes next!

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