New Edition of Encyclopedia of Thai Massage with Basic and Advanced Workbook

Bodywork teachers and students alike will benefit from the comprehensive resource guide Encyclopedia of Thai Massage (Findhorn Press) by Dr. C. Pierce Salguero.

Dr. Salguero is one of the foremost experts of traditional Thai healing and the practice of therapuetic Thai massage.

His complementary Thai Massage Workbook: Basic and Advanced Courses (Findhorn Press) further reinforces both instructors’ and students’ understanding of this ancient healing art with an interactive learning opportunity.

Traditional Thai Healing Expert C. Pierce Salguero

Dr. SalgueroCollege professor and researcher of Asian medical traditions, Dr. C. Pierce Salguero is also an accomplished practitioner and author of traditional Thai massage. With a Ph.D. in History of Medicine from John Hopkins University, Dr. Salguero instructs students at the Virginia School of Massage and the Baltimore School of Massage. He has written several acclaimed books on the subject of Thai massage, including The Spiritual Healing of Traditional Thailand (Findhorn Press) and A Thai Herbal (Findhorn Press).

Dr. Salguero has memberships in the most esteemed massage school in Thailand, the Shivagokomarpaj Institute, as well as with the Association of Northern Thai Medicine, the American Herbalists Guild, and with the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

Dr. Salguero is the founder of the not for profit association, Tao Mountain School of Traditional Thai Massage and Herbal Medicine, an organization that educates people in the Shivaga Lineage of Thai Massage. Tao Mountain seeks to bridge traditional Thai medicine with contemporary Western perspectives, and supports Thai massage practitioners and herbal medicine experts.

The Art of Classic Thai Massage

Book Cover for Encyclopedia of Thai Massage

Readers can expect from Dr. Salguero’s book:

  • perspectives on Buddhism;
  • discussions of yoga;
  • contemporary examinations of anatomy and physiology;
  • discussions of specific disorders and examples of techniques to provide therapeutic relief;
  • Thai energy meridians and detailed acupressure points;
  • contraindications; and
  • discussions of common practitioner errors.

Encyclopedia of Thai Massage takes readers through an entire full body Thai massage, with informative discussions throughout.

This book is currently available as a paperback, with a new addition, out September 11, 2011, available for preorder.

To preorder the new edition, click > Encyclopedia of Thai Massage by Dr. C. Pierce Salguero

For the paperback version, click Encyclopedia of Thai Massage

Interactive Workbook for Bodywork Practitioners

Book Cover for Thai Massage WorkbookTo complement Dr. Salguero’s reference book is his Thai Massage Workbook: Basic and Advanced Courses. This is the premiere resource for both teachers and students of the healing holistic art of Thai massage. Included in the workbook is the basic course of classic Thai massage routines, and an advanced look at these practices for more experienced users.

For anyone with a bodywork practice they wish to enhance, Dr. Salguero’s Encyclopedia of Thai Massage is a valuable resource. Experienced practitioners will fully appreciate its comprehensive coverage of the art of Thai massage while those beginning in this healing field will gain endless amount of knowledge required for successful healing.

For an interactive look at Thai massage, click > Thai Massage Workbook: Basic and Advanced Courses


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