In Search of Simplicity by John P. Haines

I love this book!

Now this may not be the most unbiased, professional opening to a book review…

However, it is a true expression of my feelings after reading this engaging, heart warming book.

This true account of the journeys that John Haines has taken to find the ‘real’ meaning of life is a story I was immediately inspired by and it has touched my core, my soul.

From the moment I began reading I was touched by this book and the wealth of heart knowledge it contains. As an avid reader of books, especially of this genre, I come across many books that I like, some I like a lot, a few are just okay (there’s rarely a book I don’t like at all.) However, In the Search for Simplicity has all of the elements that make a truly remarkable book and I find no truer words to express what I’ve discovered behind the unassuming cover of a seemingly ordinary book than my opening statement – I love this book! I urge you to read it.

BackcoverThe elements that Haines has magically captured in his book are often found as stand alone elements in other ‘good’ books. They are rarely found as a complete package.

In Search of Simplicity has it all.

This is not only an engaging, page turning story of adventure that most of us never are able to live (or choose not to live) it also encompasses a deeper, more spiritual tale throughout each chapter.

Journey Into the Mysterious Himalayas

In Search of Simplicity chronicles Haines’ world travels particularly his time spent in the wilderness of Papua, New Guinea and the Himalayas.

John HainesHe spent time amongst many spiritual peoples and like a sponge soaked in soul lessons he could have easily missed many had he not let life be his guide.

Haines takes you on a vivid, captivating account of a period of time that he spent traveling. But it’s more than just his travels and explorations that make for superior reading. It’s the spiritual discoveries he makes with his heart and soul on these trips that really draw you into the book. The goodness and joyful karma ooze from the pages, the stories, and beginning on page one you feel Haines’ heart and soul shining through the book.

Superior Writing and Story Telling Fill Each Page

I’ve read inspiring, quite wonderful books before but another element that Haines has exhibited in In Search of Simplicity is his talent for writing.

Haines doesn’t just tell you of his bold journeys and adventures he chooses words and carefully crafted sentences that truly “show” the reader where he’s been, what’s he’s seen, and the life lessons he’s learned. It’s like being a fly on the wall.

These life lessons are ones that many of us consciously search for in our daily lives and even ones that many of us have lost all sight of through the daily grind of living.

In Search of Simplicity is a unique and awe-inspiring way to re-visit and even answer some of the gnawing questions we all intrinsically have about the meaning of life and our true, individual purpose on the planet.

In Search of Simplicity Touches Every Human Emotion

While reading this book it made me laugh, cry, smile whole heartedly, but most of all feel privileged that from the thousands of books out there this one made it somehow into my hands and immediately to my heart.

Coincidence? Maybe, but after reading this book I think it’s divine intervention or possibly just me letting life be my guide.

pic-in-searchThis book and it’s down to earth, friendly author John Haines (no I’ve never met the man but you can just sense this) has created a magnificent book that all should read.

I’m inspired, my soul is nurtured, and I am reminded about the importance of letting life and it’s amazing plan for each of us guide us rather than me trying to steer the river.

Thank you Mr. Haines for a remarkable story and sharing it so profoundly with the world.

To learn more visit Amazon > In Search of Simplicity by John P. Haines

Meet John Haines and Watch a Preview of the Book

To learn more visit Amazon > In Search of Simplicity by John P. Haines

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