Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic by David Wolfe and Nick Good

Amazing Grace is the latest book from David Wolfe, (author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, Sunfood Living, Eating for Beauty, and Naked Chocolate) and Nick Good (author of Soulsurfing: Adventures in Destiny, The Beautiful Mystery and Magic of Love, The Rainbow Whispers, and Cancer: The Natural Answer.)

Wolfe is an authority and lecturer on raw foods nutrition, superfoods, herbal healing, raw cocao and chocolate, and founder of The Plant a Fruit Tree Foundation.

Good is an accomplished personal trainer, motivator, and masseur to renowned sports figures.

pic-wolfe-goodBetween the two of them they share a lot of creativity and vision, which may be why North Atlantic Books publish this inspirational and entertaining book.

Take a Cosmic Journey

Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic is a unique, 211 page (paperback) book filled with hope that guides the reader in becoming empowered to make changes for the good of the universe.

Wolfe and Good lead the reader on a cosmic-like journey between the past, the present, and the future encouraging active, conscious living.

This book encourages stepping out of the bounds of societal thinking and becoming a self proclaimed superhero joining the other hero’s to change the current unsure and seemingly destructive course of the universe.

Amazing Grace is full of magic, passion, and an unwavering dedication to soulful living, following one’s true mission, and choosing to make positive, heart guided actions despite any challenges you face. I was hooked from the first page.

Discover Captain Newton’s Captivating Transformation

The intriguing story of Captain John Newton sets the stage in the book’s beginning. If you don’t know Captain Newton’s story it’s well worth learning.

This slave trading captain experienced a transformational journey at sea led by his captive slaves’ and their soulful response to trial and chaos. The trials they faced are well beyond what any of us will ever likely face. This story vividly illustrates the daily choice we have to choose optimism, love, beauty, and dignity despite the hardships life may bring.

This story of Newton’s journey was incredibly powerful for me. I shared the story with many important people in my life, especially my children, to illustrate our innate ability to act from the heart and soul for our own good and the good of the universe. It’s a compelling tale that helps keep one’s self aligned with truth and grace in daily life.

Read from the Beginning, the End, or Start in the Middle

Backcover of Amazing GraceAmazing Grace builds and expands on the simple concept so beautifully illustrated in this story throughout its’ magical pages. The words and concepts are easy to understand and apply.

What I really love about this book is the positive energy that flows so freely from every page. Not only do the authors urge you to act now, they make it seem entirely possible and probable that every one of us can become a superhero and change the current ego driven course of our amazing universe with dignity, love, and grace.

From the first pages readers are encouraged to “quit your job and become a superhero.” This book really brings into words the innate calling deep within anyone who is concerned with the state of the universe and believes in powers beyond ourselves that can be partnered with to make positive changes.

Amazing Grace is such a unique, soulful book, as the authors say, you can read it from beginning to end, from the end to the beginning, or just pick it up at any page and be able to understand what’s being written.

Hope, Resources, and Tools a Superhero Needs

Not only does Amazing Grace discuss the theory of following one’s mission and own joyful ‘dance’, it provides details, resources, and tools for becoming a superhero. Real ways to incorporate this transformation into your daily life.

If you couldn’t tell already I absolutely love this book. It truly is Amazing and full of Grace.

Amazing Grace BookcoverThis is a book I’ll read over and over again, savoring every detail; pass on and recommend to friends; and put to use in my every day life.

I’m grateful to David Wolfe and Nick Good for the energy, time, and soul they’ve so clearly put into this book. It’s truly inspiring and soulful creation.

You too can have fun reading Amazing Grace and watch your world and the universe transform for the better!

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