Larry Dossey on True Healing

Larry Dossey, M. D. is the author of many wonderful books on spiritual awareness and our connection to physical health.

The following short one minute video glimpses the topic of our infinite non-local nature and how awareness of our eternal self can help us release suffering.

When we transform our limited view on disease and dying, we can truly experience the deepest and highest forms of healing.

Video Translation

It’s wise to distinguish between healing and curing.

A curing generally is just making a disease go away. A healing is much more profound, in my judgment.

I think healing takes place when people discover their non local nature; the infinite quality of their consciousness; the capacity of their consciousness to exist infinitely in space and time; the realization that part of who they are is eternal and immortal, is not born, couldn’t die if it tried, and doesn’t sign off with the death of the brain and body.

I believe that the fear of death and annihilation is the cause of most suffering for human beings throughout human history, and dwarfs the suffering that has been caused by human disease.

To overcome that kind of suffering is to achieve something magnificent. This in my judgment of what healing is all about: Helping people to get to that non-local realization that there is a part of who they are that is beyond physical disease. That is part of their endowment as human beings.

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