Using a Water Massage Machine

It is said the water massage machine is like having several sides of your body skillfully massaged all at the same time. A water jet massage machine operates with the help of computer simulation. The effects resemble fingertip pressure on each sensitive point of the body and this happens simultaneously. The controls assist you in adjusting the temperature, water pressure and pulsating frequency. The water jet massage helps you relieve tension and pain and does all this in only fifteen minutes.

When viewing the description of one water massage bed you will find that there are thirty six pulsating water jets set into an inverted v-shaped spray bar. The powered canopy opens and allows easy access for clients to lie on the cushion. The water jets are separated into four groups of nine jets each. The inner two groups (eighteen jets total) work together and the outer two groups work together to simulate a fingertip massage from the center of the body to the sides of the body. Apart from this it could be commented that a water massage machine works at an adjustable temperature of 90 to 104 degree Fahrenheit. For this purpose an electronic thermostat is installed in the machine. If you have a health spa, a water jet massage machine could be an ideal addition for your customers to benefit from water massage therapy.

As a whole the machine is used for increasing physical and mental energy, relieving pain and completely eradicating aches and pains to rejuvenate the body. As for operational purposes, the water massage machine is very user-friendly. When a fully trained associate guides the operation they can do so to the customers comfort level by adjusting water pressure, pulse rate and the unit’s travel speed. The user has the option to control some features, for example, they can hold the water jets to work on one section of the body to address specific spots that need extra attention.

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