East Meets West: Schools of Acupuncture Therapy

A school of acupuncture therapy can introduce and help you gain the skills needed to work with the ancient art of Chinese healing and these schools are becoming more popular in western cultures. Acupuncture is actually a modality of healing that works with both acupuncture needles and herbology along with other complementary methods that naturally work well together in treating the patient. An acupuncture practitioner may or may not use the needles during a client treatment. They may work with other holistic approaches if they may be more optimal in treating the client, such as incorporating herbs, magnets, and crystals, and channeling of Chi energy.

When attending an acupuncture therapy school you will learn about the energy of Qi, or Ki or Chi, as it is known to the west. Chi is the fundamental physical energy force that is constant in every living thing. The main concept of acupuncture is to assist in balancing the flow of Chi or energy force through the various channels, or energy meridians in the body. When a person becomes ill it is thought that the Qi energy in one or more of their meridians is not flowing properly. The meridian’s energy flow may be obstructed, flowing inefficiently, or out of balance. To rebalance the flow an acupuncture practitioner will diagnosis and then use whatever meridian point will assist in flowing the energy systematically through the body.

The general rule a student learns when attending a school of acupuncture therapy suggests you view a clients treatments on three distinct levels.

  • Working with aches and pains.
  • Checking for systematic problems of the organs.
  • Addressing the understanding of life and existence.

If you find yourself dealing with any type of ailment, or chronic health issues, many of the acupuncture therapy schools also offer healing treatments at a discount in their school clinics. You will enjoy the benefits of a supervised treatment at a reduced fee. You may find that by receiving treatments you will forgo the large medical bills that can occur when symptoms go untreated.

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