Book Review: “Complete Reflexology for Life,” by Barbara and Kevin Kunz

Barbara and Kevin Kunz’s book, “Complete Reflexology for Life,” is not misnamed. It is complete in every way. From reflexology for your baby to reflexology for the elderly, it provides everything you need to know. Published by Dorling Kindersley, this hardback book contains 352 pages, and the subject simply could not be covered in fewer pages.

Complete Reflexology for Life offers the latest techniques and modalities that are explained in a way that you can actually apply the techniques in your own life easily and with assurance that you are performing the techniques correctly. The numerous explanatory photos of actual reflexology being performed correctly along with the explanatory text makes it easy for anyone to learn how to apply reflexology on themselves, their loved ones, and their friends.

Barbara and Kevin Kunz are internationally recognized authorities in the field of reflexology and have pioneered a great deal of research to improve the techniques. They have been practitioners of the art and science of reflexology as well as teachers and documentation authorities for over 25 years.

Not only are Barbara and Kevin Kunz renowned authors, they are also co-directors of Reflexology Research and co-editors of Reflexions which has been published for over 21 years and is the journal of the Reflexology Research organization. They travel the world to promote the benefits and explain the techniques of reflexology.

By publishing Complete Reflexology for Life, they reach an audience which might not be reached by more technical books. The explanations are simple and easy to follow with each step depicted by a clear photograph showing exactly what should be done and where the pressure should be applied to be effective. The authors’ desire is to provide a guide to show how to do reflexology correctly.

If you have an interest in reflexology, Complete Reflexology for Life by Barbara and Kevin Kunz is definitely for you. It can be used as a mean to bring family members and loved ones closer by practicing the art and science of reflexology on one another after a hard, tiring day. When your family contains a young baby or elderly people, there are techniques which are perfect for loved ones.

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