Horoscopes – Astrology Chart for Steven Spielberg

The birth data for this horoscope interpretation is from Lois Rodden’s, Money, How to Find it with Astrology. You may view the chart here.

I opened this chart expecting to see interesting conditions surrounding the planet Uranus, the symbol of futuristic energies. To my surprise, it was found buried in the 12th house. This is a common term among astrologers when discussing planets in the 12th, “buried”. 12th house planets are usually representative of energies which were repressed in childhood, due to a sense of that portion of oneself being considered “unacceptable” in the family unit. Little Stevie probably took a lot of flak for his “vivid imagination” as a boy.

Uranus in the 12th is known for having precognitive abilities, that is, being able to see the future. This can be difficult for the individual since on occasion the visions they may receive are very confusing and it isn’t uncommon that they may consider voluntary committment to a mental institution. Additionally, the electric nature of Uranian energies can cause the mind to sometimes “short-circuit”, or run in continuous loops. Steven’s Uranus is in the sign of Gemini, an active, very mental sign, which could aggravate the situation.

Note: Read The Mysteries of the 12th House for more information.

Looking at the ruler of Gemini in his chart, Mercury, we see that things aren’t all that bad. It is conjunct the South Node, telling us that this energy is very familiar to him. He entered this life with this lesson already learned. Posited in the 5th house of creativity, along with Venus and Jupiter, this is very natural to him.

Venus in the 5th and Uranus in the 12th both say that his ability to visualize is unique and fruitful. The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter indicates a need to express this in epic proportions. Big probably isn’t big enough. Wider, grander and more elaborate is likely to be just enough to be satisfying. This energy is emphasized by the South Node being placed in Sagittarius, the ruler of Jupiter.

The chart ruler is the Moon since Cancer is rising. I find this fascinating. The Moon is “at home” in the 4th house in the sign of Scorpio. This strong moon energy is indicative of a very long memory, suggesting that some of Mr. Spielberg’s vision comes from past life recollections, rather than future precognitions. Its something to think about.

Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in the second house of financial affairs in Steven’s astrology chart. Ordinarilly, this isn’t the best position for the attainment of wealth, since both of these energies can be very difficult to confront. In conjunction, this is emphasized. However, both of the planets are retrograde. Retrogrades in a natal chart can often mean that the native finds alternative solutions to their problems. It is also known to show that an earlier attempt to overcome these difficulties was made in a previous lifetime…unsuccessfully. It appears that some degree of success in this arena has been achieved, though of course we cannot know how much this has satisified Mr. Spielberg’s personal value system. That is the additional significance of the 2nd house. He looks happy to me.

The combination of strong Lunar and Jupiterian energies in the chart gives a need to expand his foundation of experience. This frequently indicates a deep lack of some sort in childhood, a sense of being extremely limited. The adult expression is designed to satisfy this inner sense of lack and restrictiveness. Evidently the “trapped” feeling of childhood is something which he needs to compensate for by expressing artistic compositions of freedom which are far beyond ordinary human life. This is our gain.

Summary of Steven Speilberg’s Astrology Chart: In my opinion, this chart shows a classic pattern of the artist who has come from a background of deep inner pain, transforming his difficulty to an expression of wonder and beauty for the benefit of all. Steven’s pain is private and may not ever be made public, though I think that we can all appreciate the monumental and apparently successful efforts he has made in overcoming it. Whatever trauma he experienced in terms of a lack of freedom of expression in his childhood, he has broadened the horizons and lifted many conceptual restrictions for millions of people in the act of broadening his own vistas.

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