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The astrology chart shows Tom Hank’s Sun/Moon combination is of note because each of these lights falls into the sign of its detriment. The Sun is in the Moon’s sign, Cancer and the Moon is in the Sun’s sign, Leo. However, since these are in mutual reception, they are granted greater power. The expression of the lights show up in classic fashion with a very difficult, broken home in childhood, with numerous moves and step-family members who came and went.

Father was the nurturing parent as the moon in Leo shows, and Tom’s custody was given to Dad in the divorce. The humor of the Leo Moon was manifested as an instrument to deal with the constant changes in schools, by being the ‘class clown’. He was also able to find security through self-expression on-stage as early as high school.

Labeled as ‘everyman’ in Hollywood, with an unshakable charm and general likability, Tom is able to project the Cancerian comfort and sense of familiarity. As with many people with strong Cancerian energies, he often reminds one of someone else they have known, and I suspect, a nurturing archetype of some sort.

Tom has the male Virgo rising ‘look’; tidy, clear eyes, slender, with dark hair. A bit of mystery is added to the mix with his Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in the 12th house. I suspect that these are evidence of a sharply honed critiquing sense or ability, possibly indicating a powerful work ethic and/or philosophical sense. Virgo does not do well under the taint of compromise of integrity, and with Pluto involved in the mix, the so-called “dark” elements of the psyche would be given little room.

Jupiter in Virgo often carries a responsibility of service to others, frequently of a karmic nature. Already in this reading, it appears that Mr. Hanks has a debt, and my hit on this is that his payment of this debt has to with providing a good example to others. His most powerful movies have involved a white/black, right/wrong, good/bad theme, with him finding his way to the side of the angels.

This is not a man who could live with an uneasy conscience, quite likely suffering the tortures of the damned if he tries to do so. This makes it necessary that he leads an uncompromising life, adhering to the principles that he has found work for him, and learning to discern the traps available to the unwary innocent.

Venus is his most elevated planet, indicating favor in the arts, particularly in the use of his voice. When looking at Tom Hank’s astrology we see the Sun and Mercury’s presence in the same house (the 10th) which shows us the need to rise in his field. There is also an unusually thorough background in dramatic training, apprenticeship and interneing roles. This tends to be more eclectic I’ve found, with other celebrities, but Tom prepared himself well, in true 10th house fashion.

This is not to say that Mr. Hanks is a typical conformist. Hardly. However, his individuality tends to meld very well with whatever group or venue he is involved with, since his Moon and Uranus occupy the same sign in Uranus’ natural house, the 11th. This gives a ‘homey’ feel to how he is perceived by others, reinforcing the familiar quality of his Cancer Sun.

Mars in Pisces in the 6th house shows in Tom’s artistic work, in the fact that he has been first, last and always, an artist. The ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is to be found in the 2nd house of personal resources, telling us that this ability is a survival skill, that Tom’s chameleon-like persona is essential to making his way in the world. We can see how this came to be with the need to socialize in a number of different environments, both inside and outside of the home. Pisces is an artistic sign, and the 6th house has to do with employment.

Saturn in Scorpio in the 3rd house, retrograde describes the unique relationship that Tom had with his father. I suspect that this was manifested as Tom having to be privy to many of Dad’s marital problems and needing to be a “buddy” rather than a son. This would have set up an aversion to dependency, probably on a sub-conscious level. Saturn in Scorpio seems to set up situations wherein the child is expected to assume adult responsibilities in order to ‘be a pal’. It is often an emotionally manipulative situation.

Summary of Tom Hank’s Astrology Chart and Horoscope: Tom appears to be working out a karmic debt by providing a positive example and/or role model through his work. His life has been defined in large part through the reversal of roles of his parents. His ability to make us all feel comfortable with him is part of his Cancerian heritage.

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